Simple steps to increase traffic to your website

Written by Sara Tompson

Every website owner wants their website to be popular; some just might not admit to it! To increase traffic to your website, I suggestrepparttar following to start with:

Unique content

Visitors and Search engines love unique content - nobody likes to readrepparttar 139531 same paragraphs over and over. Your visitors will return to your website and search engines will rank your site high for being unique.

Get linked

Getting linked is very important,repparttar 139532 majority of your visitors will find your website through links, whether they be on Google or a directory website. Our advice is to submit your website in appropriate places - directories that are suited to your website. Search engines will find your website automatically, so don't waste your time submitting to them!

Keyword rich text

Most websites are set up to achieve a goal - whether it be to sell a product or service or to promote something or someone. CJ Website Hosting recommends you think of a dozen keywords that you would like people to search for (in search engines) to get to your website. Once you haverepparttar 139533 list, try to put them within your website content - but keeprepparttar 139534 sentances making sense - search engines will spot keyword spammers!

Building An Effective Furniture Sales Web Site

Written by Jim D. Ray

Building An Effective Furniture Sales Web Site by Jim D. Ray

Web sites that feature products – especially furniture or other large items – require a careful balance of text and images to conveyrepparttar value of each product.

Let’s face it. Consumers like to see, feel, and “experience” a product before they make a purchase decision. If you can elicitrepparttar 139315 senses in your on-line presentation of an item, you will increase your chances of making a purchase tenfold.

In addition torepparttar 139316 basics of an effective web presence, such as complete contact information, a successful furniture sales web site will conveyrepparttar 139317 following:

* Credibility ofrepparttar 139318 merchant to provide any product available throughrepparttar 139319 site; * Dimensions, an invigorating text description, and multiple images for each product; * A replacement or repair policy inrepparttar 139320 event an item is damaged during shipping; * Delivery or shipping options, with pricing; * Customer testimonials from those who have shopped withrepparttar 139321 merchant; * Full payment options, preferably with telephone, on-line, and invoice credit/debit options.

Style and Navigation

Again, developing a successful furniture sales site depends onrepparttar 139322 web designer’s ability to elicitrepparttar 139323 senses through a careful combination of text and images. “Presentation” design elements, such as Flash and Java components, may be useful in establishing a professional, yet comfortable tone acrossrepparttar 139324 site.

Site navigation should be effortless and flow seamlessly throughoutrepparttar 139325 entire web site, including on pages that do not relate specifically to products. Subconsciously,repparttar 139326 site’s ease of use will affectrepparttar 139327 prospect-customer’s impression ofrepparttar 139328 merchant.

Content Elements

Asrepparttar 139329 saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is certainlyrepparttar 139330 case in on-line furniture sales.

Each product should include at least two unique photos, complete with thumbnail and enlarged versions, but may have as many as six. The goal here is to encouragerepparttar 139331 prospect-customer to become familiar withrepparttar 139332 product, to envisionrepparttar 139333 furniture in their home from all angles inrepparttar 139334 room.

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