Simple Writing For Super Sales

Written by Grady Smith

Is your sales letter not converting readers into buyers? It just might be your choice of words.

Listen. People donít stop by your site to be wowed by your stunning prose. They want to be sold. Andrepparttar fact is your sales letter needs to be compelling, but you also need to write clearly and use words that wonít trip up a sixth grader.

Bottom line, your goal is to communicate. To do so properly,repparttar 129697 reader needs to fully understand what youíre telling them. You can achieve this by going through your copy and replacing words like facilitate with help. Do you see what I mean?


Your sales materials should never contain technical terms. Always write your sales letter fromrepparttar 129698 angle that someone reading it has no experience or clue about your product. The end result will be better clarity, and more profits.


Right after you design your headline, jump right intorepparttar 129699 heart of your offer.

Donít waste any time or words explaining things that donít hit atrepparttar 129700 bottom line. Your goal is to provide a no fluff explanation of howrepparttar 129701 reader will benefit with your product. If your paragraphs or sentences donít drive at this, then you need to change them or remove them completely.

Nothing turns a reader off faster than reading a jaw-dropping headline, then readingrepparttar 129702 first few sentences that donít compliment what grabbed them inrepparttar 129703 first place.

How Tough is It?

Written by Mike Smith

Notrepparttar Steak orrepparttar 129694 Roast. I am talking about Writin' Stuff for you Folks. One of my favorite things besides fishin' is passing along good information in our Ezines and Writin' for other ones. Why did I say Fishin' and Writin'? Well, sometimes it is as hard to come up with great content as it is to catch 12 pound Bass. When I first started Writin' professionally it was about Fishin'. Oh, I almost forgot, There is no such word as Fishing or Writing. It is really Fishin' and Writin'. Fishin' and Writin' are among most enjoyable pass times. If it were Fishing, or Writing it would be like Working, Shopping or those other "ing" words that aren't much fun. That's nice, Mike but what isrepparttar 129695 point? I'm glad you asked. Now I get to tell you. Whether you are Writin' an article, E-Book or Novel, you have to have fun doing it. Yup, you can start Writin' just like me (well not "just" like me. That would violate Copyright laws) and create your own information products. It's not as hard as you might think (or is it?). Sometimes it is hard to start an article and find an idea to write about. This is an example. I just couldn't getrepparttar 129696 juices flowing this week. But, bingo. The idea for explaining Writin' came to me. The most important thing to remember is that you have to like your subject and Know what it is about. If you know anything about anything and can fog a mirror (that is how a coroner determines if you are breathing), hitrepparttar 129697 keys onrepparttar 129698 keyboard, and get your ideas together, you can be a writer. You don't need a degree in journalism or language. What you do need are ideas,repparttar 129699 ability to put them on paper (electronic or other) and put your personality with your Writin'. Now it is something you can enjoy. That isrepparttar 129700 Key, to enjoy your Writin'. When it is Writing, it is a chore. Now really, if you didn't

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