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Written by Ratliff J

Simple Host A Web Hosting Review

Our History: SimpleHost, (formerly has been providing reliable hosting services since 1996, and have grown to become an industry leader hosting over 10,000 clients world-wide. was launched to make web hosting simple forrepparttar novice and expert alike. We offer powerful web hosting solutions in one simple package for small to medium size businesses. We make it simple enough so thatrepparttar 134943 novice user as well as advanced user can take advantage of allrepparttar 134944 Internet has to offer. Since our initial release we have been striving to raise Internet standards.

Our Commitment: SimpleHost is committed to providing quality reliable hosting solutions for your business. As our name implies, we strive to makerepparttar 134945 hosting experience as simple and straightforward as possible. The simplicity of our service allows beginers to get online with ease while our technical superiority provides excellent service forrepparttar 134946 more advanced. Whatever your level of expertise, our support staff will be there to assist you as needed. Our top priority is to provide high-quality reliable services and top-notch customer service to all customers.

Personal Web Hosting Ė Free Or Cheap?

Written by Calin Indre

After you have spent some time and creativity on designing your personal web site now itís time to publish it onrepparttar World Wide Web for all to see it.

When coming to web hosting, many facerepparttar 134861 dilemma of choosing between free or paid web hosting.

Althoughrepparttar 134862 costs associated with paid web hosting is rather small, itís still money.

An easy and money free solution might seem to be registering it with a free web-hosting provider. They come in large numbers today andrepparttar 134863 10-20 Megs of free personal space they usually offer sounds tempting. Not to mention that some of them even offer POP3 for your e-mail address on their web site or FTP access to your files onrepparttar 134864 web site. So it looks like all this is building up to become quite an alternative to spending dear money for almostrepparttar 134865 same thing. I mean paid web hosting for an individualís web site sound a little pretentious, doesnít it?

Sure paid web hosting gives some more space, quite a few more features and all that, but do you need them anyway? You probably just need a web server that can feed .HTML and maybe some simple java scripts to your visitor. Itís not like you are ever going to need an SQL database, support for .ASP or .PHP. You just want your own web site, not an e-commerce solution or you are ever going to need more than one e-mail address for your own use.

A more careful look atrepparttar 134866 matter is likely to makerepparttar 134867 right decision easier to take. As a matter of fact, depending onrepparttar 134868 objectives trusted to your personal web site,repparttar 134869 decision between free or cheap almost dictates itself. You should also keep in mind that you actually trusting your virtual image torepparttar 134870 web host.

In exchange forrepparttar 134871 hosting you wonít be asked for money, but there could be banners, hot links, frames, popup windows or other forms of online advertising that will interfere withrepparttar 134872 content of your web site, possibly having a bad effect on its look and almost certainly annoying your visitors.

Another minus is that your traffic is not likely to attain very high values due torepparttar 134873 long domain name. People are not going to return to your web site simply because they forgot its URL. Therefore if people havenít added your site to their bookmarks, and if your web site is not easily reachable through search engine search or fro other linked sites, it is very likely that your traffic scores would not be very impressive.

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