Simple Way To Become An Information Entrepreneur

Written by Jeff Smith

Do you think there is a difference between someone who writes a fiction manuscript and someone else who authors their own instruction, self-help or "how to" book?

This is an interesting question I've asked to many of my book coaching clients, subscribers and customers for our "Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" (

In some cases, people answer no. They don't feel there is any difference. A writer is a writer is a writer.

In other cases, I get a firm "YES", there are differences. Problem is, its sometimes challenging to understand what that difference really is.

If you understand this one difference between fiction writers and non-fiction writers - you will never struggle with your infoproduct business again!

The answer is that there is a very BIG difference, especially between highly successful writers in both fields.

You may have a few great ideas you want to write about.

There is a hungry market just waiting for product like yours, but you freeze when it comes to knowing how to organize, structure and write a product that will sell?

But you get stuck because...

You Are Trying To Write A Story Instead Of Organizing Information

Let me ask you, would it be easier for you to answer 10 questions about a topic, whererepparttar information is often available andrepparttar 145540 question is well understood?

Or, would it be easier for you to come up with 20 pages of a written story on your chosen topic?

To be honest,repparttar 145541 second option scares crap out of me, and would most people.

Sitting down and crafting characters, a plot, chronological order of messages, what to say onrepparttar 145542 10th page, 15th page is an extremely painful and lengthy task.

Comprehensive Marketing Details Not Found In Beginner Books

Written by Joy Gendusa

If this isrepparttar first marketing article you are reading, go find some other more basic articles that I have written and then come back. This data is forrepparttar 145539 intermediate to advanced marketers.

I want to go over a three-step outline for your marketing which are:

1) Surveys

2) Getting Attention

3) Postage

Marketing surveys save you from flying blind in your business marketing strategies and arerepparttar 145540 best way to find out what you should be offering, to whom and how. When you don't really know what to put in your direct mail marketing it's because you haven't done your research.

In order to getrepparttar 145541 response you would like on your direct mail marketing campaign, one area you need to look at is whether or not you are using a survey to find out what to say to your public. You may immediately answer “No – I don’t survey.” But truthfully, it’s very possible you do and just don’t realize it….read on.

You know your market quite well because you already sell to them. You’re unwittingly surveying allrepparttar 145542 time. Take this example:

An optometrist has an optical boutique. He knows thatrepparttar 145543 biggest market for his eyewear are women fromrepparttar 145544 ages of 40 to 65 years old. How does he know that? His women’s frame inventory is constantly being restocked fives times more than his men’s frame stock or even children’s. Andrepparttar 145545 types of women’s frames are ones compatible with no-line bifocals. Interesting! Let’s look at what else this optometrist knows. He knows that these women pay a higher price point for their eyewear becauserepparttar 145546 products he keeps reordering are fromrepparttar 145547 more upscale designers so these women probably have more discretionary income. That is what I mean by surveying unwittingly.

Now let's take an example where you are sure you have no data:

You are a mortgage broker and you don't know what to say to people to get them to refinance their property, yet this isrepparttar 145548 area you specialize in. You assume thatrepparttar 145549 best deal will attract more customers. You conduct a marketing survey, or get a marketing survey conducted for you that asks people indirectly for their attitudes and emotions concerning refinancing and what would berepparttar 145550 advantages and disadvantages. You findrepparttar 145551 majority of people would like to refinance but think it is a very complicated procedure and so they never try. From this information you are able to determine whatrepparttar 145552 tone and message of your advertising should take.

So, what should your promotion say? How about "We'll takerepparttar 145553 hassle out of refinancing for you. Find out how." You will get a response. You could send out thousands of promotional pieces telling your prospects that you can get themrepparttar 145554 lowest rate, but that isn't their concern. Their concern is that it's too complicated. Do you see how you could miss? A survey isrepparttar 145555 answer.

It is smart business to design a survey (or have one designed) to send out to your past customers that will keep you inrepparttar 145556 know, and not inrepparttar 145557 dark.

Now let’s go intorepparttar 145558 next logical sequence of how to breakrepparttar 145559 first barrier of getting attention, sorepparttar 145560 “button” you found from your survey hits them before they throw away your promotion before ever even reading it.

Ditchrepparttar 145561 Envelopes!

The most common question that is asked when dealing with direct mail is "How do I get their attention?" This is a major problem because, no matter what you do to them, most envelopes look basicallyrepparttar 145562 same. Print on them in color, make a window, stamp it urgent - your customers have seen all these tricks before. They get thrown away before they’re even opened. They can tell fromrepparttar 145563 outside that it is a sales pitch and they just get rid of it. This causes you to lose sales because of assumptions made before you even try to get your message across, when if you hadrepparttar 145564 chance to letrepparttar 145565 customer know what you were offering they might have gone for it. Plain and simple,repparttar 145566 easiest way to get around this is by using postcards.

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