Signing up for a Domain Name? Consider Private Registration

Written by Paul Stefanski

A plethora of websites exists to register a domain name. Google 'register domain names' and have a fun-filled time comparing prices. Though price is definitely a consideration when choosing a domain name registrar, it is also important to find a registrar who offers private domain name registration.

Registering a domain name requires thatrepparttar name, address, email address and telephone number ofrepparttar 150688 owner be provided. For an individual this will be their home address information. A company will provide their main business address. Once this information is provided, it is accessible by anyone doing a WHOIS search.


Register privately. Private registration usually costs another $8 to $9 dollars on top ofrepparttar 150689 cost of a regular registration. A normal registration at some registrars can cost $15-$20. However, finding a registrar whererepparttar 150690 regular fee is less then $8 is relatively simple. Adding a private registration will makerepparttar 150691 total cost back inrepparttar 150692 $15-$16 range. You might as well getrepparttar 150693 most bang for your buck if you are going to shell out $15.

The evils of .com- Myths and truths about choosing a domain name

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

The evils of .com- Myths and truths about choosing a domain name By- Kenneth L. Cluck III

How many tutorials have you found giving tips for domain names? Theyíre everywhere! But how many of them tellrepparttar same exact thing? They always say never chose anything but .com, never use dashes, and make sure itís easily remembered. There is nothing different about these tutorials. But there are many more things to take into account when choosing a domain name that they donít cover. That untold information is what this paper is going to tell you.

1. Myth- Always pick .com domain names

Domain names that end in .com may be slightly easier to remember (simply becauserepparttar 150630 fact that itísrepparttar 150631 most common) but not necessarilyrepparttar 150632 best. For one thing, there are many domain names ending in .com so itís realy hard to find a domain name ending with one. Picking a .com is good depending on how youíre gaining traffic. If youíre targeting people that are looking in search engines it can be pointless to just pick a .com domain. Though if youíre advertising in Newspapers, Television, orrepparttar 150633 Radio it might help somewhat.

2. Myth- Never use dashes

Once again, this all depends on what youíre doing. Remember, search engines translate dashes as spaces, so if youíre targeting a popular keyword and use dashes as spaces, than youíre page will be easier to get ontorepparttar 150634 top ten search results of that keyword. Some search engines put more emphasis on this that others. What I do is own multiple domain names for separate pages that go together. One domain name thatís realy easy to remember with another used to gain traffic from a search engine, I donít use duplicate pages all I do is make one site that sort of advertisesrepparttar 150635 other site as what theyíre looking for. So, itís not that you should never use dashes, itís that you should use them when needed.

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