Signature Files: The easy way to create more business

Written by Keegan Michaels

If you do business as an affiliate, then you're constantly concerned with getting your name and your business information out there. You probably send a lot of e-mails, post on message boards, and submit articles to business e-zines. These are great techniques for making contacts, but are you taking full advantage ofrepparttar visibility these forums create?

One ofrepparttar 109693 best ways of creating new business is to include a Signature File with everything you post, send or submit. What exactly is a sig file? It's that little paragraph beneath a person's signature atrepparttar 109694 end of an article, posting or e-mail. This is your opportunity to let people know who you are and to direct them to your business.

Now you may already include your url atrepparttar 109695 end of your correspondence. That's great, but is that enough? Not quite. Of course it's great to have your url so that anyone who's interested in what you're saying can immediately check out your business site, but wouldn't they be more likely to click if you included a short description of what you do? For example, rather than closing an e-mail or posting with

E-Sigs That Work - by June Campbell

Written by June Campbell

Does your email signature contain a humorous quip or a philosophical quote from a dead poet? If yes, you're wasting a wonderful opportunity to promote your business for free!

To a business person, an e-sig is an advertisement andrepparttar basic guidelines for writing advertisements apply. However, modifications for online use are required. Keeprepparttar 109692 following guidelines in mind: 1. Less is more. Some email systems and mailing lists will automatically cut off any signature exceeding 4-6 lines. Many email programs will allow you to set line lengths to about 60 characters -repparttar 109693 ideal length for readability. 2. Attract attention to your signature by creating "borders" of text or special characters. 3. Includerepparttar 109694 name of your business and a short, pithy marketing statement. 4. Sell benefits, not features. 5. Offer something free - i.e. free information, free contest, free samples, etc. 6. Make it easy for people to contact you by providing clickable links to URLs and emails. For example, if you add "mailto:" in front of an email address, most email programs will allowrepparttar 109695 user to open a new message to that address simply by clicking onrepparttar 109696 link.

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