Siberia, Russia Part 2 – Where Are We and What Day Is It?

Written by Rick Chapo

Siberia, Russia Part 2 – Where Are We and What Day Is It?

Standing inrepparttar airport in San Diego, I began to wonder exactly how long it was going to take to get torepparttar 140109 city of Chita in Siberia. The combination of a vodka hangover, three flights, one train ride and a jump overrepparttar 140110 international date line didn’t help. At first glance, it looked like a total of two days, which wasn’t bad for going torepparttar 140111 other side ofrepparttar 140112 earth.

I should have paid more attention in math.

The itinerary for getting from San Diego to Chita read like this:

1.Fly from San Diego to Seattle.

2.Meet charity representative and other professor.

3.Fly from Seattle to Anchorage.

4.Fly from Anchorage on Aeroflot [gulp] to Khabarovsk, Russia.

5.Take train from Khabarovsk to Chita.

How bad could it be? Very, very, very bad. Did I mention “bad”?

Day 1

The flight to Seattle was no problem. I met Tom Dickinson,repparttar 140113 founder of Siberian Intercultural Bridges, but we couldn’t findrepparttar 140114 other teacher. Turns outrepparttar 140115 flight to Anchorage wasn’t tillrepparttar 140116 next morning, so it didn’t really appear to be a problem. Around midnight, our attitude changed and we had written offrepparttar 140117 teacher.

Day 2

At 8 a.m., Grea Waters from Kentucky appears out ofrepparttar 140118 Seattle mist. We have our second professor and

Longwood Gardens - A Must Stop On Your Philadelphia Vacation

Written by Emily Strandford

Welcome torepparttar Brandywine Valley. This area provides plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy your vacation here, especially duringrepparttar 140063 Summer, Spring, and Fall seasons. It is home to a wonderful assortment of world-class gardens and museums.

One stop on your itinerary should include a trip to Longwood Gardens andrepparttar 140064 Brandywine River Museum. Both are within ten minutes of each other. You could easily spend anywhere from a half to a whole day just exploring these two places. Longwood Gardens is located inrepparttar 140065 historic Brandywine Valley of southeastern Pennsylvania (PA) and northern Delaware (DE).

Pierre S. du Pont developed Longwood Gardens (sometimes calledrepparttar 140066 DuPont Gardens) back in 1906. Today, withrepparttar 140067 hundreds of employees and volunteers keeping Longwood beautiful, it's a delight. Over 1,000 acres of indoor and outdoor gardens with over 11,000 different varieties of plants, breathtaking fountains, and lots of events will captivate you. Longwood is so popular that it attracts over 900,000 visitors annually from all overrepparttar 140068 world. There's everything from kid's programs to concerts and gardening demos. Their world-renowned fireworks displays will make you cheer and clap with delight.

Longwood has more fountains than any other garden inrepparttar 140069 United States. Their fountains have been compared to stately water displays in Europe. This should come as no surprise because Pierre du Pont was amazingly passionate about fountains and water. He created 3 totally different fountain gardens and included an assortment of smaller water displays. Some of these fountains have been either restored and even enlarged on to expand on his original designs. The folks must be doing something right because more and more people come to visit these historic fountain shows.

Naturally, you can't mention DuPont without mentioning gun powder and fireworks inrepparttar 140070 same story. The DuPont family has been involved in manufacturing gunpowder for close to two centuries. Pierre's interest in both pyrotechnics and fountains has blasted (pardonrepparttar 140071 pun) into one ofrepparttar 140072 best displays of fireworks and water combined, bar none. Because ofrepparttar 140073 people power and time involved in setting up a fireworks show they are limited to 3 to 4 shows each year. You definitely want to make one ofrepparttar 140074 fireworks shows.

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