Showing Rabbits

Written by Sarah Giers

So, you have either decided to raise rabbits or are considering it? That's wonderful! Rabbits are special creatures that will steal your heart in an instant, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing your hard work as a breeder who is trying to improverepparttar breed pay off when a home bred bunny wins a prize at a show. However, getting to that step requires some effort.


Before you get started, you obviously have to decide what breed of rabbit you wish to raise or show. Each breed of rabbit is a wonderful breed, and each has its good and bad points. Before choosing a breed, make a list of what you can realistically have and what you need. If you don't have much space, it might be best to get a smaller breed. If you want to use your rabbits for dual purpose showing and meat or fur, get a commercial breed such as New Zealand, Satin, Rex, or Californian. Ask yourselfrepparttar 116286 following questions:

1. How much space do I have to keep rabbits? 2. Do I just want to show, or do I want to use rabbits for meat and/or fur as well? 3. How will I get rid of my culls (the rabbits that you can't keep)? Will I sell them, give them away, use them for meat/fur? 4. How much of a challenge do I want? [Some breeds, such as marked breeds, are far more challenging than others]. 5. Do I want a lot of competition or do I want a rarer breed? 6. Do I want a laid back breed or a more energetic breed? 7. Do I want a breed that produces a small amount of babies per litter or a large amount? 8. Do I have time to spend on a lot of grooming or extra care? 9. What do I like? 10. Anything else you can think of.

One you've answered those questions, start researching breeds. Go to a local show [show dates and locations can be found by going to], and ask breeders about their breed. Watchrepparttar 116287 judging of breeds that you are interested in. Make sure to ask a lot of questions fromrepparttar 116288 breeders.


Once you've picked a breed, getrepparttar 116289 equipment you will need for it. Getrepparttar 116290 right size cage, food dish, and water dish or bottle. If it is a wooled (long-haired) breed, you will need a brush. You will need nail clippers as well. Talk to breeders of your breed and ask what, if any, special equipment or care your breed needs.


Once you've decided which breed to raise,repparttar 116291 fun really starts. Now you get to find a bunny or two! Go to breeders of your chosen breed and ask them to show you what to look for in a good show rabbit of that breed. Purchaserepparttar 116292 American Rabbit Breeders Association (here on out referred to asrepparttar 116293 "ARBA") Standard of Perfection which can be found at most shows, then study your breed's standard. Also look at general faults and disqualifications from competition. I can't emphasis enough how important knowledge of your chosen breed is.

Once you have a good understanding of your chosen breed, look for a reputable breeder. Said breeder will be glad to answer all your questions, will not have a problem with you getting a judge or registrar (or even another breeder ofrepparttar 116294 same breed) to evaluaterepparttar 116295 rabbit you wish to purchase, and will have healthy pedigreed rabbits. Make sure to getrepparttar 116296 best rabbits that you can afford. If you just want one or two rabbits to show, and don't wish to breed, it is a good idea to purchase a rabbit that is 4 to 7 months old, with a win or two to its name. If you wish to breed, purchasing a compatible pair or trio is usuallyrepparttar 116297 best way to go. I usually recommend getting a show quality buck (4 to 7 months) and proven producing breeding doe (7 months to 1 year) if you're getting a pair. For a trio, I recommend purchasing a show quality buck (4 to 7 months), a show quality doe (4 to 7 months), and a proven producing breeding quality doe (7 months to 1 year). That way you will have at least one rabbit to show until you have produced your own show bunnies.

Depending onrepparttar 116298 breed you have chosen,repparttar 116299 price for show and breeding quality rabbits can be anywhere from $10 to $200. Usually a decent quality show rabbit that is good enough to win a few classes and maybe even a variety (colour) win will cost between $20 and $50.

If you can, get some ofrepparttar 116300 food thatrepparttar 116301 rabbit is used to fromrepparttar 116302 breeder. That way you can transition it torepparttar 116303 new food. Make sure that you getrepparttar 116304 pedigree for each rabbit when you purchaserepparttar 116305 rabbit. Many people have purchased a rabbit withrepparttar 116306 promise thatrepparttar 116307 pedigree will be sent and never gotrepparttar 116308 pedigree. Note: Rabbits do not have to be pedigreed to be shown, but they do have to be pedigreed to be registered or to become a grand champion. Rabbits do not have to be registered to be shown or to produce show quality offspring.


When you get home, putrepparttar 116309 rabbit in its cage with some food and water, then leave it alone forrepparttar 116310 first day. The second day you can handle it some,repparttar 116311 third more, and gradually work up to more and more time handling it until your rabbit is used to you and trusts you.

Rabbits need fresh, clean water allrepparttar 116312 time. The cage and dishes should be cleaned frequently. The amount of food given to your rabbits will depend on its breed, age, and size. Be sure to askrepparttar 116313 original breeder about feeding.

Grooming is usually pretty easy. The nails should be kept trimmed, and occasional brushing may be required for short haired breeds (except Rex and Mini Rex, which can be groomed with a horse slick pumice block). Wooled breeds will need more frequent brushing. Loose hair on a short-haired rabbit (Rex and Mini Rex included) can be removed by dampening your hands with water until they are just sticky then running them throughrepparttar 116314 coat to pick up loose hair and kill static. Loose hair can also be removed using a horse slick pumice block.

Blinded by Science (and Math)

Written by Thomas Morgan aka The Irishsetter

this article originally appeared inrepparttar Precision Shooter Newsletter. To subscribe (it's free), send an email to with subscribe asrepparttar 116285 subject)

First, let me say, in everyday life, there is immeasurable value in having at least conceptual knowledge of science and math. For gamblers, it’s imperative that every player have solid knowledge regarding how mathematics and their game of choice go hand and hand. (There are different philophies as to what extent you should allow math to determine your playing strategy, but that's another article.) With that said, science and math are frequently used and mis-used by marketers and systems sellers to dazzle and bafflerepparttar 116286 average player.

Let’s take this out ofrepparttar 116287 realm of gambling for a moment. Advertisers love to use math and science to sell their product. How many commercials claim that a product is “scientifically proven” to be effective? How aboutrepparttar 116288 sugarless gum commercial that says, “Four out of five dentists recommend (Brand X) for their patients that chew gum?” What are these advertisers doing? They’re trying to sell you a product and imply that their product is superior to others because of a “scientific” study or because it is statistically chosen more byrepparttar 116289 dental profession. It’s not what they’re saying so much as what they’re not saying. Wasrepparttar 116290 “scientifically proven” product tested by an independent laboratory or wererepparttar 116291 scientists onrepparttar 116292 payroll ofrepparttar 116293 company sellingrepparttar 116294 product? How wererepparttar 116295 tests conducted? Was it a double blind study? What aboutrepparttar 116296 sugarless gum statistics? How many dentists were polled? What wererepparttar 116297 options given torepparttar 116298 dentists? After all,repparttar 116299 question could have been;

As a dentist, would you recommend to your patients?

Brand X sugarless gum Brand Y extra sugar bubble gum Dog Food

So, depending howrepparttar 116300 question was posed, or howrepparttar 116301 data was gathered, it seems to me it would be quite simple to get a “4 out of 5 dentists recommend…” statistic. I think it was Mark Twain who said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” (Alright, if you want to split hairs,repparttar 116302 quote apparently originated with Benjamin Disraeli, but Mark Twain made it famous). I don’t know whetherrepparttar 116303 company sellingrepparttar 116304 “scientifically proven” product orrepparttar 116305 gum manufacturer who says most dentists prefer their gum is tellingrepparttar 116306 truth or not. That’srepparttar 116307 problem. Without further elaboration about howrepparttar 116308 studies were conducted, it would be quite simple to use pseudo-science or bend statistics in a manner which will be beneficial to these sellers.

What does this have to do with gambling? The same tactics used to try and sell you Herbal Viagra or sugarless gum are used to sell you gaming products and services. Ever been offered a betting system which was “scientifically proven” because it beatrepparttar 116309 Zumma book? How about a roulette system guaranteed to win 85% ofrepparttar 116310 time? The person trying to sell yourepparttar 116311 system that beatrepparttar 116312 book isn’t telling you that he knowsrepparttar 116313 72 hour book leans distinctly towards favoringrepparttar 116314 dark side, and therefore it’s pretty darned easy to design a system that beatsrepparttar 116315 book. The roulette system seller isn’t telling you that your total monetary losses may still outweigh your total wins. They’re trying to blind you with science (and math). Inrepparttar 116316 past couple of years,repparttar 116317 sellers have gotten more sophisticated. They’ve developed a real flare for using scientific jargon and evolving scientific theory to sell their systems. Have you heard aboutrepparttar 116318 craps system based on Chaos Theory? How about Parondo’s Paradox? Without getting into why these “scientific” systems work no better than others, I just want you to think about this. Do you really think that a system seller could succeed in using Chaos Theory or Parondo’s Paradox to develop an advantage craps system whenrepparttar 116319 worlds greatest mathematics and scientific minds can’t?

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