Showered with Mom-to-Be Merriment

Written by Anita Chaperon

Your friend's having a baby. What an exciting time for her! You,repparttar best buddy, have a little work ahead, however. You need to gather together her friends and family for a baby shower. You need to determine who to invite, pick out some great invitations, chooserepparttar 147217 location,repparttar 147218 date and time,repparttar 147219 decorations, refreshments and, of course, determine what you're going to do for fun while celebratingrepparttar 147220 birth of your buds first wee one.

Generally, you don't need to go out and rent a hall for a baby shower. You probably have invited 10-20 ofrepparttar 147221 mother-to-be's closest friends and surely you, or someone else, can accommodaterepparttar 147222 group in your home.

The step-by-step process for baby shower planning:

[+] At least two months prior to baby shower day make your list of whom you're going to invite. [+] Determine your party theme. [+] Buy or create and then mail outrepparttar 147223 invitations. [+] Planrepparttar 147224 decorations, refreshments and games. [+] Enjoy your party.

There are no rights or wrongs in creating a baby shower theme. The idea is to bestow baby-to-be bounty on mom and to have fun. You might choose a theme around something thatrepparttar 147225 mom-to-be is especially interested in, such as tennis or classical music. Perhapsrepparttar 147226 baby's room is already decorated in a Raggedy Ann and Andy motif. There is your theme!

Let's takerepparttar 147227 aforementioned Raggedy Ann and Andy as an example. You could decorate with new or used Raggedy dolls. You could give miniature dolls as game prizes, provide Raggedy Ann and Andy cookies or cake as refreshments, and let balloons that look like these two beloved characters run rampant.

Wouldn't it be fun, too, if you costumed yourself to look like Raggedy Ann, and found a cohort to dress up as Raggedy Andy!

When Your Wee One Goes Wee Wee Well

Written by Anita Chaperon

After reading several books about potty training (my son was a little tyke pre-Internet) and having little success, I found some helpful information tucked way inrepparttar back of a woman's magazine's classified section.

"Anatomically correct dolls - order yours today" it said. The ad explained that this was a great way to teach potty training to your young 'un. Withrepparttar 147216 doll came a little pamphlet on how to potty train.

Here is what I did, and did it work!

I ordered my son an anatomically correct boy doll. It arrived with a baby bottle as well. I explained to my going-on-two child that he had to feed his baby its bottle but that his baby would need to go potty soon afterwards. I showed him how to putrepparttar 147217 potty chair inrepparttar 147218 toilet bowl for dolly to pee, and how to empty it inrepparttar 147219 toilet bowl and flush afterwards.

The first few baby doll feeding times resulted in wet surroundings asrepparttar 147220 doll urinated before my son made his way, doll in hand, torepparttar 147221 toilet bowl. But then he got wise. I'd hear him talking to his baby. "Let's go wee wee," he'd say, and scurry torepparttar 147222 toilet, proprepparttar 147223 doll in front ofrepparttar 147224 potty, watch him urinate, emptyrepparttar 147225 potty and then flush.

One week later there was my very own toddler, standing in front ofrepparttar 147226 toilet bowl and urinating.

Success! And I'd hardly had to do anything at all.

Now I hear that this isrepparttar 147227 method recommended by Dr. Phil. He suggests as well that whenrepparttar 147228 dolly goes potty successfullyrepparttar 147229 very first time you and your child should throw dolly a "potty party" with boisterous noise makers and anything else fun and rambunctious you can think of. Of course, whenrepparttar 147230 doll's potty success is followed by your child's potty success your little one would get a potty party too.

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