Shower Walls - Problems and Solutions

Written by Mark Davies

Showers can be a problem area for many householders. Although it will look pristine when new, a shower cubicle or over bath shower area can start to deteriorate and look shabby after a few years of use. The grout used between ceramic tiles can start to discolour, black spots start to appear inrepparttar silicone sealant and damp patches may appear aroundrepparttar 139869 outside ofrepparttar 139870 glass enclosure.

What arerepparttar 139871 causes of these problems?

Grout is one ofrepparttar 139872 main culprits. Althoughrepparttar 139873 ceramic tiles are totally waterproofrepparttar 139874 same cannot be said for all types of grout especially if it is not correctly applied. One small gap or pinhole can be enough to start letting in moisture, and once this occurs mould can take hold and start to spread behindrepparttar 139875 tiles. The degree to which it spreads will depend onrepparttar 139876 level of moisture present.

Grout can also be a problem ifrepparttar 139877 shower wall has been built out of plywood. Plywood expands at a different rate torepparttar 139878 tiles and this can lead torepparttar 139879 grout cracking and letting in moisture.

If grout is used as a sealant betweenrepparttar 139880 bottom ofrepparttar 139881 tiles andrepparttar 139882 top surface ofrepparttar 139883 rim ofrepparttar 139884 shower tray or bath, this can also cause problems. Acrylic baths or shower trays flex very slightly during use, whereas grout will not tolerate any movement, and so cracks instantly. Wooden joists and floorboards will also move slightly under load or due to expansion, which again can lead to grout cracking.

Silicone sealant should remain mould free in a well-ventilated shower area. If black spots start to grow inrepparttar 139885 seal it indicatesrepparttar 139886 presence of moisture usually trapped moisture behindrepparttar 139887 seal. This could mean thatrepparttar 139888 silicone seal has lost adhesion to one or more surfaces due to high levels of movement or poor preparation prior to its application. It could also be a symptom of grout failure further uprepparttar 139889 wall, rather than any problem withrepparttar 139890 silicone itself.

NATURGRESS products certified for eco-building

Written by Iris Ceramica

Naturgress porcelain floor tiles have receivedrepparttar prestigious ANAB certification mark, which identifiesrepparttar 139793 materials approved to be used in bioecological architecture. A seal of quality reserved for products which: - are obtained from renewable raw materials - do not require an excessive amount of energy for their production, transportation or assembly

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