Should you renew with your current host? - Your website in the year 2005

Written by Philip Wylie

Sometime during this yearrepparttar chances are you're going to have to renew your hosting package. Can you be sure youíre still gettingrepparttar 134352 best deal for your site?

Hosting companies, as businesses, spring up allrepparttar 134353 time. This is because they are so easy to set up. Nowadays you can become a reseller for free.

Starting a proper hosting company with your own server - simply put - involves buying a computer, an internet connection and some potentially expensive software. Due to this relatively easy Ďset upí many companies go bust when they donít make ends meet.

So look around for potential companies. One ofrepparttar 134354 best ways of doing this is by searching for hosting reviews. Hopefully what you find are reviews fromrepparttar 134355 companyís clients, as their opinions could be more important to you thanrepparttar 134356 companyís own advertising.

Your site requirements will probably have increased since you first bought hosting, so take this into account when browsing. If you own more than one website you may want to look into packages that allow you to sharerepparttar 134357 quoted resources between multiple domains and websites.


The Basic Facts About Business Web Hosting

Written by Terry Henry

There are a number of hosting options, from free to dedicated servers. Letís spend a few moments and look overrepparttar options.

Free Hosting The first and not recommended is free hosting. Remember what they say, there is nothing free. Well itísrepparttar 134351 truth about this also. Your webpage on a free hosting server may have banner ads from companies that may not compliment your business or page theme. Another common problem isrepparttar 134352 third level domain (http://yourpagename/ Now that doesn't look professional as a business. Would you share your business name with some other company on a business card? Iím sure that would be out ofrepparttar 134353 question.

Shared Hosting Shared hosting forrepparttar 134354 small business isrepparttar 134355 best way to go. Shared hosting hasrepparttar 134356 server divided up with other websites allowing a lower cost for hosting. In most cases you are allowed more than enough disk space (Usually Between 100-500 Meg) and data transfer per month. The rule of thumb for small business is a minimum of 100 Meg of disk space and 1 gig of transfer.

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