Should you Purchase a Turnkey Site or Build Your Own?

Written by Francisco Aloy

You see them allrepparttar time, pre-packaged websites selling everything from acorns to zinc. Most of them have a nice professional look about them, with good pictures and graphics. Of course,repparttar 131639 sales literature withrepparttar 131640 offer telling you how you're going to make a gazillion dollars!

Most of them are one page mini-sites devoted only to selling their particular product and that's whererepparttar 131641 problems begin; since it's only a sales "landing page," it will not be enough to sustain an ongoing relationship with your visitors and customers,repparttar 131642 real bread and butter of any business!

The reason they aren't effective as stand-alone websites is that many customers that visit a site don't purchaserepparttar 131643 first time. In many cases, it takes a number of visits to get your visitors into a buying frame of mind. I heard it put this way: When you first met your wife, did you ask her to marry you onrepparttar 131644 first date or did it take a while? It'srepparttar 131645 same thing with customers!

The idea of "pre-selling" your visitors has been time tested and it does work. Through each visit they learn more about you and feel more confident buying from you. Heck, justrepparttar 131646 fact your website is still there after a period of time is a good selling point. A well put together website will also have a sense of balance and there will be honest-to-goodness content aimed atrepparttar 131647 visitor; not straight-up sales copy!

The difference between a one page sales website and your own, content filled and well designed, is like night and day! As an example: Have you ever been phoned "cold" by a pushy telephone salesman? What was your mood? I bet it wasn't a positive one! The same goes for any website that only pushes sales atrepparttar 131648 expense of an ongoing relationship with their visitors.

BitDefender Pushes Security Updates to Linux Mail Servers

Written by Roxana Danaila

The 1.6.1 generation of BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers was enriched today with three more dedicated products, BitDefender for Sendmail, Sendmail-Milter and Postfix mail servers, and with a generic SMTP proxy scanner, designed to be compatible with most other mail servers running on *nix systems.

The released products feature, among other things, a brand new technology, entitled “Update Pushing” which allows updates to be automatically “pushed” from BitDefender servers to BitDefender clients, instead of being checked and “pulled” byrepparttar clients themselves fromrepparttar 131636 update servers.

This allows BitDefender to minimizerepparttar 131637 window of vulnerability in case of virus outbreaks, deploying virus signatures, scanning engines or antispam definitions in just a few seconds sincerepparttar 131638 virus orrepparttar 131639 attack has been detected byrepparttar 131640 BitDefender Labs.

Furthermore,repparttar 131641 products come with a completely new statistics module, which implements persistent counters for emails, files and objects. Statistics are stored in an eye-friendly xml file, and can also be viewed either in console (locally) or remotely, viarepparttar 131642 BitDefender Remote Admin. Thus,repparttar 131643 network administrator has a crystal clear picture ofrepparttar 131644 ongoing mail traffic, as well as ofrepparttar 131645 increased productivity yielded by BitDefender.

Another key addition torepparttar 131646 feature set ofrepparttar 131647 new products, BitDefender Swiss Army kniFE (bdsafe), is a tool introduced inrepparttar 131648 new generation, which is capable of patching any and all installed BitDefender components. This tool enables a previously-unheard of ability: that of patching installed products on-the-fly.

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