Should a HDMI DVD player be your next home theater purchase?

Written by Kenny Hemphill

Thinking about getting an HDMI DVD player? Whether you've heardrepparttar buzz surroundingrepparttar 109993 latest generation of DVD players or have an HDTV and want a player to connect it to,repparttar 109994 information on this page will help.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Itsrepparttar 109995 standard connector for high definition TV and video kit and is a lossless, all-digital audio/ video interface which as well as supporting HD content also carries standard definition (SD) and enhanced definition (ED) video.

Deciding which HDMI DVD player to get is becoming more difficult as more and more devices arrive onrepparttar 109996 market. Prices range from a very reasonable $200 or so forrepparttar 109997 Toshiba SD-5970 to a couple of thousand dollars for devices atrepparttar 109998 high-end.

The Toshiba HDMI DVD player, likerepparttar 109999 other high definition players, up-convertsrepparttar 110000 DVD-Video content on regular DVD discs to either 720p or 1080i high definition resolution. As well as do everything you would expect of a DVD player,repparttar 110001 Toshiba SD-5970 has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Its progressive scan output, when connected to an HDTV usingrepparttar 110002 HDMI connector, provides twicerepparttar 110003 number of scan lines present on a normal DVD picture. This means higher resolution, sharper and flicker free images which have none ofrepparttar 110004 motion artifacts, such as stepping, often seen on less expensive DVD players.

See the Birthday of Britney Spears & Other 1980s Star Babies

Written by Michael Cree

The 1980s was a glorious decade to sayrepparttar least. This decade initiated great cultural and technological advances which still are shapingrepparttar 109992 world in which we live today. Companies launched in this decade include CNN, MTV, USA Today, and technology unleashed in this decade wererepparttar 109993 video recorder, personal computer, compact discs, satellite dishes andrepparttar 109994 grandaddy of video games today - Pac-Man. Meanwhile, inrepparttar 109995 rest ofrepparttar 109996 country, babies were nursing, beggining to crawl, walk or talk. These were no ordinary babies - but Star Babies. Of course atrepparttar 109997 time they were oblivious to their potential andrepparttar 109998 influence that they would later have onrepparttar 109999 lives of all of us. What made these Star Babies different from allrepparttar 110000 other children who sharerepparttar 110001 same birthdates? Was it destiny, luck, hard work or a combination of all of these? You decide - meanwhile here arerepparttar 110002 birthdays ofrepparttar 110003 top young stars ofrepparttar 110004 early 1980s.

YOUNG STARS BORN 1980 - 1982

BORN IN 1980

1. Ashanti ( Douglas ), R&B Singer, 10/13/1980 2. Chelsea Clinton, Former First Daughter, 2/20/1980 3. Christina Aguilera, Pop Star, 12/18/1980 4. Christina Ricci, Actor, 2/12/1980 5. Michelle Kwan, Figure Skating Champion, 7/7/1980 6. Venus Williams, Tennis Champion, 6/7/1980 7. Jessica Simpson, Singer, 7/10/1980

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