Should You Take That Freelance Gig?

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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Believe it or not, there are certain projects that you probably shouldn't accept. Turning down work is probablyrepparttar hardest decision you will need to make when running your business, but sometimes turning down a gig is necessary. In this article I will explain to yourepparttar 117421 details that you need to consider when you aren't sure which route to take. Considerrepparttar 117422 following:

1. Will I Learn From This Gig? - As a freelancer, especially one in a technical field, you are expected always to be on top of new advances in your field. Therefore, taking a gig that will help you learn about something is probably worth taking on. However, it is important to make sure that you can dorepparttar 117423 job well even though it is new waters for you.

2. Is The Money Good? - Ifrepparttar 117424 gig pays a lot of money, takingrepparttar 117425 money without any other benefits is probably a good idea. I am sure that you have an hourly rate, use this rate as a gauge to decide whether to take a job or not.

3. Do You Trust The Client? - If a potential client gives yourepparttar 117426 heebie-jeebies then your instincts are probably telling you something. Dorepparttar 117427 potential client's references check out? If you mistrust a potential client, butrepparttar 117428 pay looks good, perform a background check. An untrustworthy client could cheat you out of a lot of money, and isn't worthrepparttar 117429 collection efforts.

4. Does The Project Fit With Your Moral Code? - If a potential client offers you a gig that really disgusts you, you need to turnrepparttar 117430 job down. If you do take it, you are definitely going to regret it. In addition, you won't be able to add this project to your portfolio . it just isn't worth it.

How to Network Successfully Online

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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If you want to get your business name out there, nothing is better than referrals and networking. Networking isrepparttar act of passing someone's name on to another person. But, inrepparttar 117420 new world of technology, networking has taken on an entirely new face. Since this form of self-promotion could mean make or break for your freelancing career, I recommend you use some ofrepparttar 117421 following pointers.

1. Write Articles - Write articles about your expertise and submit them to heavily trafficked web sites. Make sure that you are referenced in these articles. Something like this works best:

John Smith Fake Company Expert Web Designer

Some web sites won't let you have all of this information written as a signature onrepparttar 117422 article, but they will let you have a summarized version. If not, at least insist on your name and website address being added torepparttar 117423 article.

2. Become an Expert - There is a web site called All Experts ( That is a great place to network. This site is a hub where people ask advice of experts. Take advantage of this marketplace where others in your field can ask advice of you. If these people are pleased with your expertise, you might receive future gigs from them.

3. Message Boards and Chat Rooms - Message boards and chat rooms attract individuals in need of advice. Take advantage of this. Just make sure not to blatantly market your services. This might infuriate people and you could get flamed or kicked out among other things. The way to network in this situation is to be as helpful and knowledgeable as you possibly can. If you are in a graphic design message board and someone is baffled about to use layers in Photoshop . explainrepparttar 117424 process. You could maybe mention that you use Photoshop daily when running your design business. THEN atrepparttar 117425 bottom ofrepparttar 117426 page use a signature. Find out about signatures in #4 below.

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