Should You Be Linking for Traffic or Rankings?

Written by Gary Mchugh

Just for a change, rather than a technical article, I would like to tell you a story. To begin, imagine your website is a little country bar, now let's go back to whenrepparttar internet began, and reciprocal linking was being done properly. Now just sit back and picturerepparttar 142900 following.....

There you are running your bar, it's a fairly busy little bar with plenty of regular customers. You also get other customers who come from all directions. Some make their way to your bar using allrepparttar 142901 little country back roads (from links on other websites), others come onrepparttar 142902 big highway (the Internet) fromrepparttar 142903 big bars inrepparttar 142904 city (The Search Engines).

Your customers usually stay and have a beer or two (read a few pages of your site), then decide they'd like to try somewhere different. Because you realize your customers are bound to leave at some point anyway, you recommendrepparttar 142905 bar downrepparttar 142906 road, telling them it is a great bar too. You even show them a little leaflet you made (your link section), which gives them directions on how to find it.

The bar downrepparttar 142907 road also has his regulars, plus a few visitors from you, and a few fromrepparttar 142908 bars inrepparttar 142909 city. He knows you send him customers, so when his customers have had a drink or two, and fancy going somewhere different, he returnsrepparttar 142910 favour, recommends your bar and gives them directions how to get there.

In fact, there are 10 little bars in your area that are all doing this andrepparttar 142911 local back roads are alive with customers going from bar to bar (The World Wide Web). Occasionally, when someone comes fromrepparttar 142912 big bars inrepparttar 142913 city (the Search Engines), you recommendrepparttar 142914 other local bars and all your friends benefit from that visitor too.

Then one dayrepparttar 142915 big bar inrepparttar 142916 city sent allrepparttar 142917 local bars a letter saying: "We are a much bigger bar than you, we have thousands of customers, and they are all looking for nice little country bars like yours. We would be glad to recommend your bar, however, we need to know that your bar is popular before we tell our customers. The busier your bar is,repparttar 142918 more customers we will send you. We will of course be sending one of our employees to see just how busy your bar is (Search Engine link spiders).

Great you think, more new customers, more business, more profits. Oh no! Wait a minute! If you send your customers torepparttar 142919 bar downrepparttar 142920 road, he would be busier than you, and get allrepparttar 142921 new customers fromrepparttar 142922 city. Better stop sending them there. So you stop recommending his bar, and hiderepparttar 142923 little leaflets that gave directions. (You feature your link section only with a tiny little text link right atrepparttar 142924 bottom ofrepparttar 142925 page.)

You can't get rid of your leaflets, orrepparttar 142926 other bar may take you off his leaflet, then whenrepparttar 142927 employee fromrepparttar 142928 city visitsrepparttar 142929 other bar he will think you are not popular, because you are not listed. Maybe you could changerepparttar 142930 title of your leaflet, so it doesn't look like directions to other bars, that way your customers won't pick it up. (Call your links page "resources" or "partners").

Now, when your customer has had their first beer or two, you don't recommend your friend, and they don't findrepparttar 142931 leaflets, so they don't know there is a back road that leads to other bars. The result? They takerepparttar 142932 highway (the Internet) and go back torepparttar 142933 big bar inrepparttar 142934 city where they came from (The Search Engine).

When they get torepparttar 142935 big bar inrepparttar 142936 city, they don't stay there long, because they knowrepparttar 142937 barman can recommend some other great country bars. Why doesrepparttar 142938 barman do that? Because they are his busy friends, but he also recommends a few bars who pay him to give them a plug (Pay Per Click or advertising).

Google Adwords – Manipulating Keywords For Success

Written by Halstatt Pires

As you probably know, Google Adwords is a pay-per-click solution offered by Google. As with other PPCs, you are givenrepparttar ability to place your small advertisement on various platforms controlled by Google. Whilerepparttar 142809 platform provides you with a large audience, you must manipulate your keywords to generate success.

Matching Options

When running an Adwords campaign, you can and should define when your keywords will appear in search results. To do this, you can select matching options for each of your keywords to either reach a broad audience or target a niche.

The Google Adwords platform allows you to select four matching options:

Broad Match

Broad match isrepparttar 142810 default setting for an Adwords campaign. Broad match means your ad will appear in search results when any combination ofrepparttar 142811 words in your keyword phrase search. Many an advertiser has learned expensive lessons using this setting. Let’s look at an example.

Assume I am selling travel writing diaries and using “travel journals” as my keyword phrase. Any time a person enters any combination of “travel” and “journals” in a search, my ad will appear. The ad will also appear for plurals and relevant variations. While this may sound great at first glance, a broad match setting can result in low quality hits and poor conversion rates. A person searching for travel journal stories is going to see my link. While a decent percentage will click my link, they are far less likely to buy because they are just browsing. Using broad match, my costs go up and my conversions go down.

Broad match isn’t necessarily a bad option. If your product makes a popular Christmas gift, you definitely want to userepparttar 142812 broad match option in November and December. You prospective clients will be motivated to buy. Evenrepparttar 142813 “browsing” surfers will convert well.

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