Should We Walk or Ride

Written by Richard Myers

Should We Walk or Ride

Most of us when playing golf are riding in carts. But should we consider walking rather than riding?

The PGA has written they believe "walking isrepparttar most enjoyable way to play golf andrepparttar 116319 use of carts is detrimental torepparttar 116320 game." They claim "this negative trend needs to be stopped now before it becomes accepted that riding in a cart isrepparttar 116321 way to play golf."

There is no doubt that walkingrepparttar 116322 course is a good exercise program. There have been many scientific studies to prove that walking a golf course is a great exercise. One study has shown that walking 18 holes has aboutrepparttar 116323 intensity of 50 percent of maxium aerobic workout. Another study shows that bad cholesterol was reduced in walking golfers.

There are many other sources that show that walkingrepparttar 116324 course is very good aerobic exercise.

Slack Economy Fuels eBay Shopping

Written by Jim Edwards

Withrepparttar current economic outlook appearing fairly bleak for many individuals and businesses, most feelrepparttar 116318 need to make every dollar count.

But, no matter how badrepparttar 116319 economy does or doesn't get for every one of us, one fact remains a constant of human nature: People love a bargain!

This fact came home quite clearly to me last week when I used eBay to turn an expensive business purchase into an almost guilty buying pleasure.

I needed to purchase a very specialized piece of equipment for my home office called a "Mimio Board." It converts a standard "white board" you draw on with erasable markers into a digital board you use with your PC. In short, everything you draw onrepparttar 116320 board shows up inrepparttar 116321 computer.

I really wanted this equipment, much like a 5-year old child really wants a new bike! Unfortunately, a new "Mimio Board" cost $400 minimum. But, unlikerepparttar 116322 5-year old who stamps his foot and screams "no fair", I did something about it. I went to eBay!

I did a quick search for "mimio" in hope of finding a used model at a reduced price. Much to my surprise I didn't find a used one, but I did find a brand new one still inrepparttar 116323 box and available at over 75% off!

It seemed such a great deal that I actually felt a bit skeptical and thought I smelled a "scam." But, likerepparttar 116324 5- year old, I really wanted that bike, I mean "mimio board!"

So I enlistedrepparttar 116325 aid of a professional "eBay Power Buyer" with many years' experience (my wife) to help me evaluaterepparttar 116326 deal and whether or not to go for it.

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