Should I Use Pop-Up Ads?

Written by Ronald Vyhmeister

Web advertising has taken many forms, including those that appear withinrepparttar Web page as an in-line graphic, as well as those that "pop up" (over) or "pop under" a browsing window. If you are consideringrepparttar 140948 use of pop ups on your website as an advertising method, this article provides some points you should consider.

Some studies have reported that consumers despise these intrusive and annoying advertisements and even feel "violated" and "molested" by their presence. Online consumers are goal-oriented and perceive online advertisements to be even more intrusive than those in other media. Further, online consumers develop negative attitudes towardsrepparttar 140949 advertisements which then lead them to develop intentions to not return torepparttar 140950 site.

An important goal of website designers is that users will retainrepparttar 140951 content to promote subsequent visits and/or referrals to other potential visitors. Ads compete for attention and raise cognitive effort, whether reading or avoiding them, interfering with use ofrepparttar 140952 site and reducingrepparttar 140953 likelihood of retainingrepparttar 140954 site's content. The more mental energy extended to non-website material,repparttar 140955 less retention of website content can be expected.

Research has shown that interruptions have a negative impact on emotion and well-being, and lead to increases in effort expenditures. Although any advertisement can be classified as an interruption, one that requires a user action to remove it, like a pop-up ad, will cause an increased expenditure of effort, reducing retention of website content. Because an in-line ad requires less interruption and mental energy than a pop-up ad, we expect higher website retention levels in those subjects receiving in-line ads as compared to pop-up ads.

Dynamic Sales and Services (DSS)

Written by Preeti Doval

DSS is an industry leading Human Resources Agency, providing Recruitment and Management services for corporations with Human Resource requirements fromrepparttar Indian subcontinent. We specialize in providing personnel for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Civil, Marine, Mechanical and Electrical construction sites. Beyond these industry areas, we also provide personnel for Hospitality and IT (Hardware / Software) verticals.


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