Should I Lease A Tanning Bed?

Written by Tim Gorman

You can lease a tanning bed or beds for your salon and it may berepparttar best way to go. There are advantages when you lease a tanning bed or beds.

If you arerepparttar 147427 only owner of a tanning bed salon it may be best to leaserepparttar 147428 tanning bed or beds. Even if you are part of a partnership you may want to consider leasing a tanning bed or two.

When you lease a tanning bed or beds for your business you can haverepparttar 147429 best equipment for a decent price.

There are many companies that will lease a tanning bed or even several tanning beds. Checkrepparttar 147430 reliability of these companies before you lease a tanning bed. Also compare prices and service when you are thinking about leasing a tanning bed.

When you lease a tanning bed instead of buying you will have more capital to work with. This can be beneficial to your business. Leasing a tanning bed will keep your line of credit open should you need it for other business expenses.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

There is not as much oxygen in our environment today as there was hundreds of years ago. At one timerepparttar oxygen level was at 38%, now it is at 21%, and in some cities, even as low as 18%. Thus in our present environment, we have only about halfrepparttar 147426 oxygen that our bodies were designed to run on in order to be in good health.

Without adequate oxygen, our body fluids and blood can become dirty and toxic. Viruses, fungus, parasites, and unfriendly germs thrive in an environment that is low in oxygen, high in carbon dioxide, and high in acid or a low pH factor.

A Lack of Oxygen can cause: vCirculation problems vMemory loss vIrrational behavior vIrritability vPoor Digestion vMuscle aches & pains vLung problems vDizziness vDepression vBody weakness vAndrepparttar 147427 list goes on

The body needs Adequate Oxygen for: vEnergy vDigestion vRemoving toxins vFuelingrepparttar 147428 muscles vMetabolizing fat & carbohydrates vMaintaining a healthy immune system vRemoving viruses, parasites, and bacteria vKeepingrepparttar 147429 heart pumping & healthy vHelpingrepparttar 147430 lungs to breathe vAndrepparttar 147431 list goes on

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