Should I Feed My Dog BARF?

Written by Jennifer Bryant

BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food. It is a diet for dogs that has received a lot of attention overrepparttar past few years, but should you feed it to your dogs?

The BARF feeding regimen actually consists of throwing a raw carcass (usually chicken) to your dog and letting him eat it bones and all. The thinking behind this concept is that dogs used to eat raw food like this for thousands of years inrepparttar 125733 wild. Many are praisingrepparttar 125734 multitude of benefits thatrepparttar 125735 BARF diet provides.

The problem that I have withrepparttar 125736 BARF diet is that dogs have also been domesticated for thousands of years. They have not had to feed themselves in packs such as wolves and coyotes do for a long time because ofrepparttar 125737 relationships that they have established with man. Man has traditionally fed their dogs leftover scraps from dinner that has been cooked long beforerepparttar 125738 commercialization of bagged dog food.

Dogís bodies have adapted over time to a convenient lifestyle of being given cooked foods. Todayís dogs can get Salmonella and E. coli poisoning itís just that they are more resistant to these bacteria than their human counterparts. However,repparttar 125739 corn and wheat that are added to bagged dog food have not ever been a source of a dogís natural diet in history. These ingredients can be triggers for allergies and other ailments.

The story of the 12 animals zodiac in China

Written by Wong Yee Lee

The story ofrepparttar 12 animals zodiac in China

One day, Tian Di (The God Above) wanted to manage all animals on earth. He took out 12 chairs and toldrepparttar 125732 cat to tell 11 other animals to go torepparttar 125733 sky palace.

Whenrepparttar 125734 cat toldrepparttar 125735 ox about it,repparttar 125736 rat overheardrepparttar 125737 news. The rat was very angry and he ran as fast as he could torepparttar 125738 palace. As a result he got there beforerepparttar 125739 ox. Tian Di then let him sit onrepparttar 125740 first chair. The ox tookrepparttar 125741 second seat. Thenrepparttar 125742 tiger,repparttar 125743 rabbit all came and settled onrepparttar 125744 chairs. From then onwards,repparttar 125745 rat comesrepparttar 125746 first inrepparttar 125747 zodiac cycle. The cat was not inrepparttar 125748 cycle because he went to tell other animals. Ever since,repparttar 125749 cat is not inrepparttar 125750 zodiac cycle.

The truth is that cats are not originated from China but just imported from overseas. That is another reason why cats are not included inrepparttar 125751 animals zodiac.

In fact, different countries consist of different animals. India has lions whilst Egypt has cats.

Inrepparttar 125752 Chinese animal zodiac, different animals have different characteristics.

Rat - Though it has nature of stealing. It is smart and has good Ox - It is hard-working and ask for little. Tiger - It is brave, strong, and isrepparttar 125753 king of all animals. Rabbit - It is cute and loved by children. It runs very fast. Dragon - The only imaginary animal. Only kings can be referred to as dragon. After all these years, people have come up with this description of a dragon: deer horn, fish scales, snake body, chicken feet and phoenix tail. And all Chinese people arerepparttar 125754 offspring of dragon.

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