Should Felons Have Guns?

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

Let me duck down behind some cover here. Yes! I think that felons should be allowed to purchase – and carry – firearms.

I’m still down here. Are you finished withrepparttar rotten eggs and tomatoes? Okay, I’ll stick my head back up.

Felons should be allowed to carry guns!

Before I continue, let me state clearly that I am no happier about armed robbers, murderers and rapists having firearms than you are.

So why do I take this position? It’s really a no-brainer. Violent criminals do not go torepparttar 126054 local gun store and fill out Brady paperwork to buy their firearms today, but they still buy them onrepparttar 126055 street and carry them. They will always buy them onrepparttar 126056 street and carry them, no matter what Herculean efforts are made by law enforcement to stop this. Yet a portion of my paycheck goes toward taxes to support enforcement of an unenforceable law. Police officers who do not haverepparttar 126057 time to do one tenth of their jobs must waste time and effort trying to enforce said unenforceable law.

The criminalsrepparttar 126058 law was written for completely ignore every single law that inconveniences them, especially this one!

Laws against felons purchasing or owning firearms are a real hand job, folks. It’s all just another way your government has of bilking you out of money and convincing you – wrongly – that your government is actually doing something about crime, while it victimizes those who really do try to go straight after a mistake.

What a criminal waste!

Isrepparttar 126059 cost of enforcement my only objection torepparttar 126060 law against felons purchasing and/or carrying firearms? I only wish it were!

My biggest objection is because our legal system is broken. It is no longer either fair or reasonable. People are labeled as “felons” today who are in no way dangerous criminals.

You don’t believe me? Your privilege. But I am going to tell you three stories here that are absolutely true. My only deviation from hard fact is to changerepparttar 126061 names to protectrepparttar 126062 “felons” involved, all of whom happen to be personal friends of mine.

Keep in mind that I am a law-abiding citizen – unusually so for this day and age. I am nearly fifty years old. My adult criminal record consists entirely of three minor speeding tickets. Period. I am a concealed handgun license holder, a concealed handgun instructor, and owner/manager of a licensed investigations firm in Texas. So I’ve passed a bunch of FBI checks, and I am officially certified to be so clean I squeak.

Why, then, do I count three felons among my closest friends?

Well, let’s take a close look at those “felonies.”

Case #1 concerns my oldest friend, Terry. She and I grew up duringrepparttar 126063 seventies. We weren’t particularly wild compared torepparttar 126064 folks we hung out with, but way back in those days Terry did occasionally smoke a little grass. Being a fairly sharp consumer even in her youth, Terry would usually go in with a couple of other folks and buy a quarter pound of grass about once a year. This left her with an ounce or two for personal use and cost her very little money.

Dorepparttar 126065 math. One quarter pound is four ounces. Up to four ounces was a misdemeanor in Texas, even decades ago when this all took place. Terry never, never bought more than a quarter pound for just that reason. Onrepparttar 126066 occasion in question, Terry had picked up her quarter pound and already delivered two ounces to her other partners. When her house in San Angelo was raided, there was a grand total of two ounces in her freezer.

She was a real drug mastermind, folks. She keptrepparttar 126067 stuff in her freezer because it would take her a year or more to smoke up an ounce, let alone two.

Why were there four and a half ounces when she went to trial? I’ll leaverepparttar 126068 answer to your imagination, but I’ll give you one big, ugly hint. We are talking aboutrepparttar 126069 San Angelo, Texas police department here.

Terry did her four years probation and hasn’t touchedrepparttar 126070 stuff inrepparttar 126071 decades since. She was a foster parent for years, and is nowrepparttar 126072 adoptive parent of two beautiful little boys. A criminal? Don’t make me laugh!

So why is she forever barred from purchasing, owning or carrying a firearm for self defense? She does not even haverepparttar 126073 right to keep a firearm to defend her children! Is this right or fair?

Case #2 involves a neighbor I have only known for about five years. Iris is about my age, so she was seventeen about thirty years ago. In any event, thirty long years ago, atrepparttar 126074 ripe old age of seventeen, she stupidly wrote some bad checks and got prosecuted for it. Like Terry, she did her probation, went forth and sinned no more.

Today she is an ordained minister, for crying out loud! Yet, she is legally barred from defending her own life. Does this make sense to you?

Both ofrepparttar 126075 preceding cases were prosecuted in Texas, under Texas law. My third and final case is much more complicated – and much, much more frightening. This was a federal case, and it actually involved prison time.

Brace yourself for a very ugly look at your federal government andrepparttar 126076 extremely unprofessional reasons behind many prosecutions!

First let me give yourepparttar 126077 cast of characters here:

Seth was my first husband. He was a police officer and just aboutrepparttar 126078 most violent and dangerously psychotic human being I have ever known. As I have told a number of people overrepparttar 126079 years, Seth taught me whatrepparttar 126080 wrong end of a Colt .45 tastes like. I hope never to see him again.

Bill was my skydiving instructor and a parachute rigger/manufacturer. He remains to this day one of my closest friends.

Handguns - A Moral Imperative

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

You’ve been lied to, friends and neighbors. You’ve been lied to by some ofrepparttar slickest and most dangerous conmen you will ever encounter. The lies have been coming thick and furious for so many years that you have trouble seeingrepparttar 126053 truth – in spite of all your brains and good, old-fashioned common sense.

You’ve been told violence is a terrible thing. You’ve been told that folks are killing each other all overrepparttar 126054 world, and they will certainly stop if we can just control this terrible flood of weapons and keep them inrepparttar 126055 hands ofrepparttar 126056 officials who should properly have them. Most recently,repparttar 126057 U.N. is trying desperately to improve everybody’s life by getting firearms offrepparttar 126058 open market. The world will be a safer and kinder place if they can just manage it.

If you truly believe that, my friends, please allow me to sell you some oceanfront property in Utah.

Is violence a terrible thing? Yes, it most certainly is. Is violence morally wrong? Of course. Will it go away? Not before Hell freezes colder than a well digger’s backside in January! It isrepparttar 126059 human condition.

Well, then, should we contribute to violence by allowing firearms to be sold?

This isrepparttar 126060 trickiest question of all. You see, firearms do not contribute to violence. Only people can do that. And taking firearms offrepparttar 126061 general market will have appalling sociological consequences.

That’s right. You heard me correctly. I said “appalling consequences.”

I know you’ve all heardrepparttar 126062 argument that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns, so I won’t talk about that today. Let’s play a little game instead. Let’s pretend that every single gun on this planet can be destroyed. Let’s pretend that enterprising souls won’t make any zip guns in their garages. Firearms are completely gone – history. Not so much as a slingshot left. It’s over.

This would berepparttar 126063 end of a terrible chapter in human history, wouldn’t it?

Oh, no. It wouldn’t berepparttar 126064 end of Hell. It would berepparttar 126065 beginning!

It would be Mayhem. You, your wives, your kids, and your friends – you would all be atrepparttar 126066 mercy of every gorilla with a knife, a club, a set of brass knuckles, or even a good-sized rock. No one alive today remembers when might was right, but we’d learn about it again in very short order. Pool cues and fire pokers would berepparttar 126067 order ofrepparttar 126068 day. No woman would be safe, ever again, and damned few men. You’d stop carrying a wallet and shift to a money belt, and then it would just be a question of time before everything you own was taken from you, and probably your life as well.

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