Short But Sweet--Keys to Writing Effective Classified Ads

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

Short But Sweet--Keys to Writing Effective Classified Ads

By Elizabeth Sinclair

The key to writing an effective classified ad lies in your ability to say a lot with a little. In other words, grab my attention, tell me aboutrepparttar best features of your product or service, and command me to buy in 50 words or less.

Sound easy enough? Many people think writing a classified ad is a no-brainer until they get started. Then they discover that, try as they might, they can't get their point across in only 50 words.

When you are passionate and excited aboutrepparttar 101005 product or service you offer, it is difficult to sum up that enthusiasm in a short block of text. However, if you have a few definitive rules in mind before you start writing your classified ad, it will be easy as pie:

1. Capture attention with headlines--Headlines arerepparttar 101006 key to grabbing a reader's attention. They are what people read first, so if you don't interest them withrepparttar 101007 headline, they won't read on. State your best selling point concisely in fewer than 5 words. Use action words that appeal torepparttar 101008 emotions, like "SAVE" or "WIN."

Remember to target your audience tightly. Many classified ad writers make their headlines too all-inclusive, rendering them non-specific. Pick 3 or 4 key groups of people, and write different headlines for each. If you are marketing to soccer moms, say something like "TIRED FROM JUGGLING KIDS AND WORK?" If you are marketing to college students you could say something like, "TIRED OF JUGGLING HOMEWORK AND A JOB?"

The new Marketing Landscape!

Written by Lee Traupel

The New Marketing Landscape!

Many of us inrepparttar marketing services and/or agency business are starting to see some real tangible marketing patterns emerging that businesses need to be aware of if they want to leverage their marketing dollars in this "post .com implosion economy."

Good Web Site Design increasingly More Important

It's imperative for a company to have a quality web site today - but many firms are still throwing up web sites that are just poorly designed or overly complex. Poor navigation (menus and overall site structure) when coupled with low quality graphics is really problematical (!) - online visitors think less of your company as a result which will hurt revenue inrepparttar 101004 long run. Many think just doing a minimal job is sufficient but they aren't factoring in how close your competition is! Onrepparttar 101005 web any potential customer is only one click away from seeing a high quality web site that is well designed and conveys a quality image

A good rule of thumb when budgeting for a web site is to assume you will pay approximately $250-300. USD per page - this should include your graphics design, content development, setting up registration forms, etc. This may sound too expensive for many companies but for better or worse perception is reality inrepparttar 101006 online world! So, don't short change yourself, put some resources into your web site and be prepared to continue to do so - it's now a vital component of any company's ongoing marketing processes that needs constant upgrading like traditional marcom (PR, print, etc.) materials.

Opt-in E-Mail Trending Down but still Viable

Opt-in or permission based e-mail (meaning people give you "permission" to market to them) response rates for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer are dropping below where they were a year ago by 30-50% on average. What's happening? The ever-increasing deluge of Spam is negatingrepparttar 101007 throughput (response rates, purchases, etc.) of quality opt-in e-mail.

Opt-in e-mail is still a viable and excellent way to market your company but expect less results, lower costs/fees (more vendors equals more competition which is good) andrepparttar 101008 need to repeat your campaigns if you want to see tangible results. And don't get dazzled by a design firm or your in house marketing staff that wants to design a fancy HTML e-mail message for you - 65-75% ofrepparttar 101009 market today still doesn't want fancy graphics, they want a short message, delivered concisely with short paragraphs in a text format. Less is more!

Performance Based Marketing on Upswing

Publishers and advertisers are more and more willing to accept advertising which is "performance based" and/or based on a "cost per click" or even a revenue share basis. Meaning, it's not like putting an ad inrepparttar 101010 USA Today and hoping people respond torepparttar 101011 publication - you can now work with list brokers, online publishers and marketing organizations to setup very targeted campaigns that are based on your paying a small cost for an actual response to your message via an opt-in e-mail campaign, text link ad on a web site and/or an insert in a newsletter.

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