Short-Circuit Biasing of Transistors

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

When a fundamental law of nature is revealed,repparttar best inventions arise.

Here,repparttar 127674 author heard of a mysterious unexplained oscillation in silicon bipolar transistors, and upon investigating discovered that it related torepparttar 127675 band-gap energy of silicon.

Withrepparttar 127676 phenomenon fully explained, it became possible to design electronic circuits of exquisite simplicity, reliability and performance.

Unfortunately,repparttar 127677 author suffers from an untreated Addison's disease. It is one thing to haverepparttar 127678 knowledge of progress - quite another to implement progress when one is half dead through metabolic disturbance.

The industrial climate was also not conducive to success. The whole of British industry collapsed - andrepparttar 127679 German economy is currently (2003) in recession.


Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

Astrodynamics delivers conundra of astronomical proportions. The sheer size ofrepparttar Universe, its mass andrepparttar 127673 velocities of bodies stretchrepparttar 127674 imagination torepparttar 127675 limit.

It is little-known that Einstein did NOT receiverepparttar 127676 Nobel Prize for relativity. He had ALREADY receivedrepparttar 127677 1921 prize in 1922 for PHOTOELECTRICS. Yet even a distinguished scholar like Einstein can be snubbed whenrepparttar 127678 theories become too extravagant.

Subsequently, his relativity theory - within its narrow, specialised constraints - was proven to be true.

At my website I showrepparttar 127679 principles behindrepparttar 127680 REAL anti-gravity. You can read it from .

The concept is simple. However, science CAN ONLY advance by small steps. Elaborate conjectures based upon such ideas asrepparttar 127681 "Gravitron" particle - without SOLID proof that they actually exist - are doomed to fail.

The simple idea is thatrepparttar 127682 Moon is held torepparttar 127683 Earth by gravity, and experiences due to its orbit a repulsive force known as "centrifugal force". These two forces balance, to produce a stable system that has survived since pre-historic times. So much is KNOWN.

Then we imaginerepparttar 127684 "Man inrepparttar 127685 Moon". He has lived onrepparttar 127686 "illuminated" side ofrepparttar 127687 Moon since pre-historic times, and knows thatrepparttar 127688 Moon is held torepparttar 127689 Earth by gravity. Butrepparttar 127690 counterbalancing force cannot be explained as "centrifugal force". The "Man inrepparttar 127691 Moon" sees onlyrepparttar 127692 ROTATION ofrepparttar 127693 Earth - one degree every FOUR MINUTES - and has to use this fact to explainrepparttar 127694 stability ofrepparttar 127695 system.

Sorepparttar 127696 "Man inrepparttar 127697 Moon" would use IDENTICAL mathematics to those on Earth who compute ORBIT. However,repparttar 127698 sums would be UPSIDE DOWN. He would compute how much thrust (ANTI-GRAVITY) is delivered byrepparttar 127699 SPIN of a body.

I have done this on my website, and show thatrepparttar 127700 upside-down equations reveal a thrust that increases LINEARLY with distance for any constant spin.

This is surprising, because thrust increases INVERSELY with distance for any constant orbital velocity.

So, if in our dreams we could create an anti-gravity machine (NO!!! I DO NOT HAVE ANY DESIGN-PLANS!), it would not lift offrepparttar 127701 CARPET, but off some distant place, such asrepparttar 127702 centre ofrepparttar 127703 Earth. The further awayrepparttar 127704 object,repparttar 127705 greaterrepparttar 127706 thrust - andrepparttar 127707 carpet is too near.

In our imagining, we can visualise some machine lifting away fromrepparttar 127708 carpet, andrepparttar 127709 pile of that carpet IMMEDIATELY standing erect - becauserepparttar 127710 anti-gravity "footprint" would be far away.

The mathematics shows us what WOULD happen, but not how to build a machine. The "Action at a Great Distance" conclusion fromrepparttar 127711 anti-gravity equations suggests that building such a machine would not be easy.

Einstein had been working as an assistant to an eminent Swiss astronomer when he found thatrepparttar 127712 Newtonian mechanics broke down when applied to astrodynamics. This wasrepparttar 127713 origin ofrepparttar 127714 new mechanics that was to become known as "Relativity".

My own conjectures on ANTI-GRAVITY come up against similar problems, and deliver a similar solution.

The Moon travels aroundrepparttar 127715 Earth at about 65,000 miles per hour. This is equivalent, as stated, to a spin of just 15 arc-seconds per minute.

Astrodynamicists have FREQUENTLY ignoredrepparttar 127716 tiny rotational motion of bodies inrepparttar 127717 solar system, because they SEEMED to be NEGLIGIBLE. The new discovery shows, however, that such small rotations are NOT TO BE DISCOUNTED, because whenrepparttar 127718 mathematics is turned around they represent sizeable orbital velocities.

This leads torepparttar 127719 question as to whether ALL equations can be turned around. Can EVERY spin be translated into an orbit?

The size ofrepparttar 127720 Universe suggests otherwise. If antigravity increases linearly with distance, it must be INFINITE, or nearly so, atrepparttar 127721 outer fringes ofrepparttar 127722 Universe.

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