Shopping Search Engines, The Benefits and Explanations

Written by Ispas Marin

The Shopping Search Engines are a new breed onrepparttar Internet market, they are a research tool for both consumers and retailers. Using a shopping search enginerepparttar 149878 consumer can search at once more than one merchants, products and look atrepparttar 149879 prices in only one place. The shopping search engine is a software that puts together a number of online stores. They sellrepparttar 149880 products from thousands of merchants through their interface. To get their products listed inrepparttar 149881 shopping search enginesrepparttar 149882 retailers usually pay a per click fee and startup fee. In some casesrepparttar 149883 shopping search engines raterepparttar 149884 quality ofrepparttar 149885 merchants and promote them ifrepparttar 149886 their ratings are high.

If you would want to buy something you no longer need to go to regular search engine, search throughrepparttar 149887 results and findrepparttar 149888 product onrepparttar 149889 retailers website. The shopping search engine will show you directlyrepparttar 149890 merchant checkout page saving you money.

Here are some ofrepparttar 149891 benefits, listed:

Consumer Benefits:

Minimal click online shopping Multiple merchants in one place Multiple products in one place Merchant ratings Product ratings Prices include shipping and tax, if you fill in zip code box on screen Smart Buy is highlighted for you at - shows best rated merchant with cheapest price Saves consumer time and money, avoid long shopping lines and traffic during Christmas shopping season.

What Is High Speed Internet Service?

Written by Rick D. Monroe

The days of slow internet connections are gradually coming to an end. Internet users are increasingly finding sources for "high speed" internet access which makes loading pages and performing downloads much faster.

What is high speed internet service? High speed internet service refers to any internet service that transfers data faster than your standard 56K telephone modem. However, high speed internet can be divided into two broad groups which for our purposes here we will call "high speed internet" and Broadband.

By this definition, "High speed internet" service uses your standard telephone dial-up modem to accessrepparttar internet and ties uprepparttar 149825 telephone line while you are onrepparttar 149826 net. However, this high speed internet service is typically 4 to 5 times faster than your standard dial-up service asrepparttar 149827 result of "data compression". Typically you will pay around $5.00 more per month for high speed internet service than you will for standard dial-up service. Some internet service providers, such as AOL and Netscape, offer high speed service at no extra charge.

In comparison, broadband uses DSL (Digital Service Line), cable, satellite, or radio towers to accessrepparttar 149828 internet. Onlike "high speed internet", broadband does not tie up your telephone line while you are onrepparttar 149829 net, is up to 70 times faster than standard dial-up service and is always online. There is no need to wait for your modem to dial

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