Shirley Caesar An Autobiography: Book Review

Written by Angelique Watkins

Shirley Caesar, An Autobiography: "The Lady, The Melody, & The WORD"

(ISBN 0-7852-7155-4 and

Shirley Caesar understood growing up in poverty,losing a parent(major bread winner) at an early age, having a semi-invalid mother, living in a world of predjuice but she knew how to hold on torepparttar Lord Jesus Christ. This book is very inspiring and I would recommend it to families who are struggling, those who have lost a parent, women, mothers and choir attendants. Your local church could consider starting/or adding books to their library for those to check out and this would be one that I would recommend. Quoted from "Shirley Caesar Autobiography" In 1984, Shirley traveled torepparttar 126978 Middle East and on a tourrepparttar 126979 cab driver warned I wouldn't talk about Jesus in Jerusalem, because He Was a troublemaker. "Miracle Worker" Shirley Caesar tried to sing power and holy instead of singing "Jesus" butrepparttar 126980 Holy Spirit told her, "If you're ashamed to own Me before these people in Israel, then I'll be ashamed to own you before my Father in heaven." Shirley, threw her head back and began to s-h-o-u-trepparttar 126981 name of Jesus and she'll never forgetrepparttar 126982 thrill of hearing thousands of Jews callrepparttar 126983 name of Jesus. Their are scriptures to brighten your days and heavy loads.

When Compassion Leaves......

Written by Parmatman Shri Sat-Chit-Atman

When compassion for all living creatures leavesrepparttar heart of man,repparttar 126977 light ofrepparttar 126978 discriminative faculty dies,repparttar 126979 flower of free will fades,repparttar 126980 aroma of virtue evaporates and life loses its true purpose.

Ignored and unheeded,repparttar 126981 soul, sinks into a deep slumber and dehumanized man degenerates into an unethical automation, pulled by visible self-interest and pushed byrepparttar 126982 evil powers of antariksha (outer space).

A moral blight descends onrepparttar 126983 collective conscience ofrepparttar 126984 community, politics of power replacesrepparttar 126985 religion ofrepparttar 126986 spirit. Culture becomes a paper-flower, while civilization, subverted by a soulless economics, is reduced to an empty shell.

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