Shipping cars or motorhomes by sea freight

Written by Richard Hack

If you are ever looking to ship your car or motorhome overseas, or purchase a classic car overrepparttar internet, you need to consider how much it will cost, and how you are going to go about sea freighting it. There are many freight forwarding companies out there, but not many whom are specialised in car shipping like Taurus Logistics. Make sure whomever you use, you understand allrepparttar 138425 terms onrepparttar 138426 quote, and if not have them explain in writing what it all means. A good freight forwarder should totalrepparttar 138427 quote for you and note any exceptions. Depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller you need to consider who is paying for what, in respect to costs associated with shipping your car. The easiest way as a seller is to sellrepparttar 138428 car Ex works, this means you do not need to trouble yourself with any ofrepparttar 138429 details or costs forrepparttar 138430 sea freight.As a buyer Ex works is also preferable as it give you control over whom you are using and makes sure there are no unforeseen costs

Lemon Laws for Used Cars are Just Around the Corner

Written by Charles Essmeier

In 1982, California becamerepparttar first state to pass an automobile “lemon law” which gave owners of defective carsrepparttar 138381 opportunity to seek a replacement or a refund for a new car that had a defect that could not be repaired in a reasonable amount of time. This law proved so popular that other states soon followed suit. Less than twenty five years later, all fifty states have some sort of lemon law on their books. California may takerepparttar 138382 lead again inrepparttar 138383 protection of auto buyers asrepparttar 138384 state Assembly recently passed a “bill of rights” designed to protect buyers of used cars.

This bill, which has not been signed into law, would protect buyers of used cars from deceptive lending practices, sales of lemon-law buyback vehicles, and vehicles with frame damage. Buyers would also be allowed three days in which to cancelrepparttar 138385 deal if they changed their mind afterrepparttar 138386 purchase.

This bill may or may not become law, but

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