Ship Ahoy! The Nautical Touch in Your Outdoor Living Space

Written by Debbie Rodgers

Would you rather be sailing or are you strictly a shore bird? Whether you're land-locked or seaside, you can create a nautical look in your outdoor living space by following a few easy principles. You'll find that even landlubbers can answerrepparttar siren song ofrepparttar 100139 sea.

Although any outside space can be adapted to this motif, wooden decks are particularly suitable. And if you can manage to install a water feature so thatrepparttar 100140 deck overhangs it, you'll increaserepparttar 100141 "on-board" feel. Be sure to includerepparttar 100142 following elements.

Color For a real yacht-club feel, think navy, as in uniforms. Not only does navy recallrepparttar 100143 color ofrepparttar 100144 ocean at night, paired with cream accents and brass "buttons", it looks as classy as a ship's captain. You can also add red accents for additional color.

Fabric Make cushions of canvas or canvas-like fabric. For a trim nautical look, edge thick square cushions in contrasting rope piping. Blue and white striped mattress ticking also makes great throw cushions.

Use sailcloth or awning fabric for drapes. Trim them with navy stripes and hang with grommets on brass curtain rods.

Rope's nautical texture can be incorporated in a number of ways. Lay a jute mat onrepparttar 100145 floor, wrap rope around a plant pot, use rope tie-backs on outdoor draperies, display rope-handled baskets or simply pile a coil of rope in a corner.


Written by Tasneem mirza


The nursery is your newborn's first room, his own little world:repparttar environment,which in part will influence and shape his personality. As a parent your goal is to provide a surrounding that is comfortable, secure, inviting and cozy.

A functional, safe and stimulating environment precedes aesthetic needs. Here is one illustration for decorating a boy's nursery. Instead of restrictingrepparttar 100138 color to a single monotonous tone, a variety of bright blues, yellows, reds, pinks and green were selected. According to studies, introduction to bright colors and shapes help stimulate babies' imaginations. The inspiration for this nursery was derived fromrepparttar 100139 adorable multi-colored hand hooked rug with animals and alphabets. The animals onrepparttar 100140 rug provided a theme forrepparttar 100141 room and formedrepparttar 100142 central focus for design.These motifs play offrepparttar 100143 animal mobile overhead, crib bedding, pillows and other accessories.

The furniture was kept simple. The entertainment center from Pier One Imports used as an armoire is practical, inexpensive and most importantly has ample storage. Built in cabinets conceal clutter, help organization and present a neat tidy look. Bothrepparttar 100144 armoire andrepparttar 100145 cabinet are excellent long-term choices not restricted to age and can be used asrepparttar 100146 child grows. These furniture items with simple white distressed finish complement varied kids of décor can be alternately used in another room.

Safety precedes any other aesthetic element. The crib and bassinet should be ideally positioned in an area that is away from objects like windows, draperies, blinds

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