Sheep Treadmills

Written by Tim Gorman

The term sheep treadmills refers nowadays torepparttar exercise devices designed to keep a farmer's sheep in good health. In 1990 inventor Victor Tribelhorn came up withrepparttar 147130 concept of sheep treadmills for conditioning and exercising a large number of sheep atrepparttar 147131 same time. The patent was published in 1992. With this device,repparttar 147132 sheep are arranged side by side on these sheep treadmills with their front legs on a stationary stand and their back legs onrepparttar 147133 treadmill belt. The range of speed for these sheep treadmills is 14 to 22 inches for second.

Earlier sheep treadmills, however - those that existed inrepparttar 147134 nineteenth century - were not about offering exercise torepparttar 147135 sheep. Instead, they were farming machines powered, in these pre-electricity days, by sheep and sometimes dogs or goats. Useful for threshing, these sheep treadmills were originally designed in 1834. For treadmills that required heftier weights to run them, horses providedrepparttar 147136 power. Most treadmills, however, ran just fine powered byrepparttar 147137 smaller farm animals.

The Epic T60 Treadmill Rocks

Written by Tim Gorman

The Epic T60 treadmill, an economical choice for both running and walking exercise, is available only to Costco members. This members-only discount warehouse retail specialist has locations all overrepparttar globe - 37 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, 65 warehouses in Canada, 16 inrepparttar 147129 U.K, 25 in Mexico, 5 each in Japan and Korea, and 4 in Taiwan.

Icon Health and Fitness Inc. isrepparttar 147130 manufacturer ofrepparttar 147131 Epic T60 treadmill. Icon offers one ofrepparttar 147132 most extensive arrays of treadmill and other sports and exercise productsrepparttar 147133 world over, for both home exercise enthusiasts as well as dedicated competitive runners. Many of its sports products are produced exclusively for wholesalers or retailers, many of them members-only organizations.

The Epic T60 treadmill was created with a specific user in mind - someone heavy (up to 350 pounds), who is looking for equipment

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