Sheep Spend and Lose, Leaders Make Money

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A.,

Remember that leaders spend more money on learning and growing, but they do their homework and work hard to make money.

Sheep followrepparttar herd blindly with their wallets open hoping someone else will will do their work for them. Jumping intorepparttar 117165 newest multi-level marketing program will drain your wallet and your faith in humanity.

You're checking out internet marketing? Great! Just be sure to market what you're passionate about so you don't bail offrepparttar 117166 ship atrepparttar 117167 first sign of crashing waves and high winds. There will be obstacles andrepparttar 117168 way to go through them is to be putting your time, energy and money into work you're passionate about.

Be smart. Don't join any program that hasn't been around and proven itself. There are a lot of programs popping up that look like you can join and make a lot of money fromrepparttar 117169 "spill factor." It's a myth. I've been onrepparttar 117170 receiving end of that one and saw many others there with me. I even created a lot of spill and saw it go away a few months later.

Yes, you can make money from getting "spill," butrepparttar 117171 people who really benefit arerepparttar 117172 ones CREATINGrepparttar 117173 spill. Notrepparttar 117174 receivers ofrepparttar 117175 spill. Like everything in life,repparttar 117176 fruits go to those who providerepparttar 117177 labor.

Would you rather receiverepparttar 117178 benefits of being Bill Gates who created Microsoft or receiverepparttar 117179 benefits of getting welfare because you signed up forrepparttar 117180 program and chose not to work? (Which isrepparttar 117181 same as signing up for a multi-level program that you don't do any work on building yourself). Forgetrepparttar 117182 money, which one is more satisfying to your soul?

Nothing against these programs, as with everything, 20% ofrepparttar 117183 people involved make 80% ofrepparttar 117184 money. That's true in every industry and yes, some people make a lot of money, but they work their butts off to get there. They deserverepparttar 117185 money they EARN.

If you're looking for a free ride, it ain't gonna happen my friend. It takes commitment and a good work ethic to produce results no matter what you're doing.

A big problem with these programs is that almost everyone who jumps in is hoping to pay some cash inrepparttar 117186 hopes of cashing out like they bought a lottery ticket.

Business opportunities aren't lottery tickets. I know this flies againstrepparttar 117187 lack of common sense used byrepparttar 117188 "biz op seeking herd of sheep," but it'srepparttar 117189 flat out truth. Do you know of ANY business that generated a lot of money without someone or many someone's putting in hard work?

14 Ways To Boost Customer Response In A Tough Economy

Written by David Coyne

Things are rough today for online businesses. The economy is struggling to get back on track. Spam is clogging uprepparttar inboxes of everyone, making email marketing less effective. And anti-spam software seems delighted to target legitimate email as junk.

Today, you must step up your tactics to keep your customers buying and away fromrepparttar 117164 competition next door onrepparttar 117165 cyberspace highway.

Study your competitor's marketing and advertising. Sign up to their email list. Can you offer more than they can? Does your competitor have a weakness that you can exploit? Use it as your main selling point.

Previous customers are 5 to 10 times more responsive to your marketing than people who have never done business with you. It's definitely worthwhile to put in some extra time to keep customers happy.

Here's a few ideas that can help.

1. ) Become a "solution-provider" instead of a merchant. Send out a short, personalized email to customers who haven't bought anything for awhile and ask how they're enjoyingrepparttar 117166 last product they bought. Offer to answer any questions or help out if they're having a problem. The more you become a friend rather than just another business,repparttar 117167 more likely they'll buy from you again.

2. ) Cross-sell. Make sure customers know about your other products. Give a discount for your best customers to purchase your other items.

3. ) Send an email to customers only and tell them about your "Customer Appreciation Sale." Create a coupon or special order code that gives a product discount, gift or rebate.

4. ) Use offline marketing methods to supplement your online sales tactics. Create simple postcards on your computer. Postcards are cheaper to mail than first class letters. (For more info on how to use postcards for marketing, get my article onrepparttar 117168 subject. Send a blank email to

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