She’s Hot in the Road…

Written by Maricon Williams

It was a hot summer day and she was in all her splendor as you mount her. Her body glistened fromrepparttar wax that you lovingly applied on her. People are awed just seeing her pass by. Every bystander that saw you wishes that they could also have a girl like yours and they exclaimed “She’s definitely hot onrepparttar 149088 road…” and then you smile and said “Wish on brothers…this girl is mine…”

Have you ever wondered why most men refer to their bikes as a she or their girl? In order to satisfy my curiosity I asked some ofrepparttar 149089 boys inrepparttar 149090 neighborhood with bikes why they have to refer to their bikes as their girl. And these are some of their explanations:

Boy 1: I call my bike my girl because it’s beautiful and shapely like you girls. – I don’t know about this but if I’m compared to a bike I definitely would not want to be compared with those bulky big bikes. Just think of what that implies.

Boy 2: My bike is my girl friend because she’s hot…! – Again, I don’t know what to think of this comparison but it must be because exhaust of motorcycles are hot when you get in contact with it or it may pertain probably torepparttar 149091 look ofrepparttar 149092 bike. Well, it’s their opinion inrepparttar 149093 first place.

Boy 3: I refer to my motorcycle my girl because I fell in love with itrepparttar 149094 first time I laid eyes on it. The same feeling I get when I’m in love. – This is probablyrepparttar 149095 one answer that makes me wonder, comparingrepparttar 149096 love for a motorcycle torepparttar 149097 love for a “real” girl. I mean come on.

Are You Overlooking a Simple Revenue Generator?

Written by Dianne E. Dawson, M.A.

There is a simple practice that any business can implement that can capture more revenues. If follow-through is not part of regular discussions among your staff, perhaps this story will get it on your next meeting agenda.

I had my regular visit torepparttar dentist several weeks ago. Duringrepparttar 149087 visit,repparttar 149088 need for handling a minor matter was discovered and a treatment plan was developed. However, because I didn’t have my calendar with me, I did not schedule a return appointment while on-site, instead promising to call back to do so.

Well, as happens to us all, things got inrepparttar 149089 way of that call-back and eventually, I forgot my commitment (Hey! I’m human – it was a minor matter [smile]).

Today I realized that I had not followed through. It’s been about six weeks.

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