Written by Jan Tincher

You can use this technique for many bad habits, but today we will concentrate onrepparttar bad habit of biting your fingernails. Ready? Make a picture in your mind of YOU biting your fingernails. NO, WAIT, change that! You know why? Because I don’t want you to *shatter* anyone, much less yourself, and that’s what we’re going to do. I want you to shatterrepparttar 131309 FEELING, notrepparttar 131310 person. So don’t putrepparttar 131311 person, *you*, inrepparttar 131312 picture. Your hands are OK, or any part of your body that you can see without looking at your reflection, just not YOU. OK, let’s start over. In your mind, make a picture of your nails as you are almost ready to bite them -- in fact, they are on their way to your mouth. Put everything in that picture that evokes bad feelings. Broken, brittle fingernails, people staring at them, maybe a picture of your hands trying to pick something up, but your fingernails aren’t even long enough to help. Pick out a picture ofrepparttar 131313 worst thing you can think of happening to you. When you see that picture, do you have thoughts of hopelessness, self-recrimination, etc.? Or are you thinking “I’ll never stop biting my fingernails.” “I wish I hadrepparttar 131314 willpower to stop.” “I’m so wishy-washy.” “I don’t have any self-control.” etc.? Now that you feel really terrible, put that picture on a piece of glass *in your mind,* because that’s what you’re going to shatter. And remember, if you use all of your senses -- you hear, feel, smell, taste, see everything that pertains to that picture that says you ALWAYS bite your fingernails, your brain will be drawn to it. And we want your brain drawn to it before we shatter it. OK, now. Look atrepparttar 131315 picture onrepparttar 131316 piece of glass until it evokes all those feelings mentioned above and you are REALLY feeling out of control -- you HAVE to bite that fingernail again, then . . . SHATTER it!

I Don't Want That To Happen

Written by Jan Tincher

The experts say that your unconscious doesn’t pay attention torepparttar negating factor,repparttar 131307 NOT in sentences likerepparttar 131308 title of this article. Knowing that, do any of these following scenarios pertain to you and your thoughts?

Someone you know has fallen on some bad times, and their business goes under. Do you find yourself thinking, “Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

An older person you know has fallen and broken her hip, and you see how much pain she’s in. Do you find yourself thinking, “Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

You watchrepparttar 131309 news and see that a person was high-jacked, that some people were injured in an earth quake, that someone was killed in a driveby shooting. “Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.” Or even, “I’m glad that’s not me.”

Your unconscious doesn’t pay attention torepparttar 131310 negating factor,repparttar 131311 NOT. That beingrepparttar 131312 case, what are you continually saying to yourself, if you sayrepparttar 131313 above sentences? I’ll give you a hint. Takerepparttar 131314 NOT out and see what you may have said to yourself more times than you can count. “Oh, I hope that does happen to me!”

*** Sidebar *** That may not be what you were *thinking,* but it IS what your unconscious mind was hearing. If you tell a two-year-old, “Don’t eat that cookie.” What isrepparttar 131315 two-year-old hearing? “Eat that cookie!” If you say to yourself, “I’m not going to eat that second piece of cake” what are you hearing? “I’m going to eat that second piece of cake.” That is usually proven byrepparttar 131316 fact that you DO eat that second piece of cake. *** End of Sidebar ***

Listen torepparttar 131317 experts. Change your life around. If you find yourself saying anything likerepparttar 131318 above sentences,repparttar 131319 minute you realize you are about to say it, change it to “I am so happy I am safe.” Or, “I am so happy I am healthy.” If you feel you are being selfish saying that, in light of other people’s bad fortune, change it. How about “I am so happy I am healthy, and they (whoever you had read or heard about) are getting better and better.”

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