Shared versus Dedicated IP Hosting - what is more effective?

Written by Marc Boudreau

Shared versus Dedicated IP Hosting - what is more effective?

TORONTO, ON – July 20, 2005 – In today's World Wide Web - website designers and webmasters aroundrepparttar world must knowrepparttar 151212 difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses. Most web hosting companies do not offer dedicated IP addresses for their clients. Why? Before we can attempt at answering this question, we should further define and clarifyrepparttar 151213 differences betweenrepparttar 151214 two.

Shared IP Address - Every web server aroundrepparttar 151215 world is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address. An example of an IP address would look something like: [126.703.4.151]. Most websites onrepparttar 151216 world wide web are hosted on shared IP addresses, meaning that one server with one IP address can hold several domain names.

Inrepparttar 151217 not so distant past, every domain used to have individual IP addresses. Recently,repparttar 151218 allocation of IP addresses has been stricter due torepparttar 151219 fact that there is a finite amount of addresses in existence. Now servers haverepparttar 151220 ability of determining a domain request through name servers. Example: is found by NS.REBELNETWORKS.COM whererepparttar 151221 name servers are tied to a specific IP address.

Dedicated IP Address - A dedicated/unique IP address is not shared by other domain names; it is unique to your domain name and your space onrepparttar 151222 server. This means that if someone types inrepparttar 151223 numeric form ofrepparttar 151224 IP addressrepparttar 151225 same domain will always appear inrepparttar 151226 browser. Dedicated IP addresses are considered to be premium real estate onrepparttar 151227 internet and most web hosting companies charge extra for their client to have one. "We saw this as real eye-opener inrepparttar 151228 industry. Instead of asking our customers to pay for a dedicated IP, we have included it with every package we sell." Marc Boudreau, co-founder of Rebel Networks

Usually dedicated IP addresses are used for large web sites, secure e-commerce web sites, or other individuals that are willing to pay for such a premium. Dedicated IPs give websitesrepparttar 151229 ability for complex hosting and offer more flexibility. The benefits of having a dedicated IP address are:

- Private SSL Certificate - SSL certificates are needed for accepting credit cards online. Most web hosting companies usually offer a shared SSL certificate where clients can sharerepparttar 151230 web host’s server-wide SSL. This is not recommended if you intend on having a very secure online store.

How to install a .rpm file

Written by Bill Holder

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Open a terminal window.

type: su - (to become root) and enter root password

enterrepparttar directory where you storedrepparttar 150753 rpm file.

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