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Written by Petr Sejba is a timeshare charity created by Mike Tolan, CEO of Platinum

International and his wife Vivian. The charity has created many community action events and children's fun days in Malta,

Slovakia and Czech Republic usingrepparttar staff of Platinum International. href="" rel="nofollow">Platinum International team up with World Class Vacation Club, Rediscover

Malta, Tumas Group and others to makerepparttar 132169 events possible.

" is a web based, energy raising, action making movement,repparttar 132170 movement raises Fun instead of Funds,"

explains Mrs. Viviane Boulos Tolan. This worldwide organization grows throughrepparttar 132171 participation of timeshare industry

developers, marketing and sales personnel who are happy to volunteer and share their time and professionalism. often cooperates with other charity movements and organizations such as: UNICEF, The United Nations

Children’s Fund, Christel Haus andrepparttar 132172 International Olympic Committee’s Special Olympics. is always looking for new projects, sponsors and volunteers. There are many ways how you can support and help us raise fun and enhancerepparttar 132173 lives of some less fortunate children and young people:

1. Volunteer work

2. Plan your own event

3. Inspiring your company/employer to join and support "fun raising activities"

Volunteer work is greatly dependent onrepparttar 132174 support fromrepparttar 132175 timeshare professionals from all overrepparttar 132176 world as well as

other that enjoy participating. You will truly make a difference in these children lives if you share you time with them and

Portrait of India: Indian People, Indian movies, Indian recipes, India festivals & more.

Written by John Thomas

The success of Indian democracy with more than 1 billion population, 29 states, 7 union territories and 1600 languages/dialects presents a true image of unity in diversity. With a civilization more than 5000 years old, India reflects rich culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations. Invasions and migrations have contributed torepparttar diversity of Indian culture with convergence of different habits, faiths and practices.

India is a land of festivals. Indian festivals differ in associated religious, social and seasonal elements. Some festivals welcomerepparttar 132167 seasons ofrepparttar 132168 year,repparttar 132169 harvest,repparttar 132170 rains, orrepparttar 132171 full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions,repparttar 132172 birthdays of divine beings, saints, and gurus (revered teachers), orrepparttar 132173 advent ofrepparttar 132174 New Year. List of Indian festivals is as long as diversity in their origin. Many festivals are common throughoutrepparttar 132175 country while others are specific to geographic regions and religious beliefs.

Indian cuisine is world renowned for its rich assortment of spices and tastes. Influence of geography, religion, race and foreign culture is truly reflected by Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine can be broadly classified into North and South Indian cuisine. Wheat is staple part of North Indian cuisine whereas rice is a must in South Indian meal. The Mughlai food is very common in Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow. Wazwan, a 24-course banquet, is popular in Kashmir. Seafood and coconut based food are very prevalent in Goa, Kerala and West Bengal. Rice, sambhar and dosa are specialties of Southern part of India.

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