Share a Smile

Written by Joyce C. Lock

(a clean, heart warming, and humorous email list group)


To every thing there is a season ... and a time to laugh ... Ec. 3:1-4


'Share a Smile' is a free email list group, having originated, in 2001, among friends ofrepparttar Heavenly Inspirations email list group.

'Share a Smile' went over so well that we want to share these smiles with you and we hope you enjoy them enough to share with your friends, too!


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine Proverbs 17:22


Sparkle the Clown

Written by Sandy Peacock

Sparklerepparttar Clown would love to your next special event! Adding a special touch to family gatherings or company picnics, open houses, employee apprec- iations, festivals, I even do "clown-a- grams!" I am a deciated christian wanting to bring good clean, fun, games crafts, singing, face painting, puppet shows, and more to everyone. We all live to laugh and share in fun....keeping J.C.

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