Shar Pei Complete Profile

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Key Facts:

Size: Medium Height: 46 - 51 cm (18 - 20 inches) Weight: 16 - 25 kg (35 - 55 lb) Life Span: 10 years Grooming: Medium Exercise: Medium Feeding: Medium Temperament: Independent but friendly Country of Origin: China AKC Group: Non-Sporting Other Names: Chinese Shar Pei, Chinese Fighting Dog

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Squarely-built, wrinkled and bold. Colour: Black, fawn, red, cream, dark brown and smoky. White markings are undesirable. Coat: Short, bristly and harsh. Tail: Set high and carried in a curl overrepparttar back. Ears: Small, triangular, thick and lying flat againstrepparttar 148546 head. Body: The body is compact and muscular with relatively loose skin. The chest is broad and deep with a short, strong back.

Temperament: Friendly, independent, quiet and affectionate. Shar Pei's need confident handlers that are consistent and firm or these dogs will perceive themselves asrepparttar 148547 boss and become overly dominant. Because Shar Pei's have natural fighting instincts they may not accept other dogs, but this can depend on their social upbringing. They get along with children and strangers but do need early socialization with other household pets to prevent any problems. This breed bonds closely with it's family and makes an excellent guard dog.

Grooming: The coat can be brushed with a soft brush andrepparttar 148548 folds of skin need to be checked regularly and kept clean and dry. Some Shar Pei's have tails lying very close torepparttar 148549 body and these also need to be inspected and cleaned to prevent infection. The folds of skin are more prominent when these dogs are young and therefore more attention is necessary during this period.

Dog Supplies: What’s Needed Versus What Might Be Fun to Have

Written by Allen Shaw

Buying a new dog is more than simply findingrepparttar cutest puppy inrepparttar 148410 store and buying a bag of dog food. Acquiring a new canine is nearly as important as adopting a child. They need constant attention and love and buyingrepparttar 148411 proper supplies can be as confusing as deciding what kind of dog to get inrepparttar 148412 first place. So I’m here to help you.

When you first walk into a pet store you will be bombarded by everything from designer clothes to dog food, andrepparttar 148413 salesmen are rarely any help. They’re goal is to sell you everything you lay your eyes on. But in reality there are really only a few basic things you need to make your new family member comfortable and you a happy dog owner.

First and foremost, buy a book about your breed. All breeds are very different and have different needs and personality quirks. But atrepparttar 148414 same time, don’t think ofrepparttar 148415 book asrepparttar 148416 end all and be all of how your dog is supposed to behave. Like people, dogs each have their own personalities. The book is there simply to give you guidance.

Second, get a good collar. Make sure you can stick at least two fingers betweenrepparttar 148417 dog’s skin andrepparttar 148418 collar. Also make sure you get a collar that allows plenty of room for growth. Some breeds grow very fast and you don’t want to be replacingrepparttar 148419 collar every two weeks during your puppy’s first year. Also, get a good training collar. These come in many, many sizes and types. The two most popular types are calledrepparttar 148420 choke chain andrepparttar 148421 German pinch collar. But don’t letrepparttar 148422 names scare you. These two training collars arerepparttar 148423 best for teaching your dog to heal and to walk onrepparttar 148424 end of a leash without jerking your arm out ofrepparttar 148425 socket.

Both collars have their pros and cons. The choke chain is easy to use and doesn’t “look” cruel. But you have to replace it asrepparttar 148426 dog gets bigger and depending onrepparttar 148427 breed, this can get very expensive. The German choke chain “looks” evil but asrepparttar 148428 dog grows bigger you can simply add additional links. Butrepparttar 148429 biggest thing to remember with both collars is to “never” userepparttar 148430 collar as your dog’s everyday collar. Dog owner’s can grow very lazy when using these collars and forget to check them. It’s not uncommon for an owner to forget to checkrepparttar 148431 collar and end up having to cutrepparttar 148432 collar off becauserepparttar 148433 dog grew so bigrepparttar 148434 collar would no longer fit over its head. Choke chains and German pinch collars are to be used for training purposes only.

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