Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Written by Maui Reyes

According torepparttar EEOC, 40% of all working women claim to have been sexually harassed at some point in their career. Obviously, sexual harassment, although deemed as taboo and obviously inappropriate behavior, occurs more often than we perceive it to be.

If you or anyone you know has been sexually harassed inrepparttar 119169 workplace,repparttar 119170 first step is to come forward with it. Report to your supervisor, employer, or torepparttar 119171 human resources department. Many victims of sexual harassment are afraid to come forward because they fear they will lose their job, won’t get support from their boss, or be labeled as a tattletale. Unfortunately, many women makerepparttar 119172 mistake of keeping mum about these events, which only causes them stress, anxiety, and other emotional feelings that could affect their performance inrepparttar 119173 workplace.

First, make sure you know what kind of harassment you were exposed to. Some examples are beingrepparttar 119174 subject of or being told sexual jokes, being stared at in a malicious manner, cat calls/whistles, offensive, derogatory and pornographic materials displayed before you, being cornered or blocked/followed allrepparttar 119175 time, being pressures for sexual activities, or being sexually assaulted.

However, there are other events that are not considered as sexual harassment. Mutual flirting, having consensual sexual relations, and display affection between friends (as long as both are comfortable with their actions) are not considered sexual harassment.

The Importance of Having a Lawyer

Written by Paul Hood

Many people are not familiar on how to deal with lawyers. Odds are, they are not sure what they are supposed to do or how much will berepparttar cost.

More than just problem solvers, a lawyer can help prevent problems from even coming into fruition. While most people seekrepparttar 119168 aid of these legal eagles only when problems arise, it would be wise to have a lawyer to provide you with allrepparttar 119169 legal you need.

In today’s world, legal issues spring up almost always on a regular basis. Most probably, you do not haverepparttar 119170 time to come deal with all of them. Having a lawyer to take care of all your legal affair is very much welcome and it is one sure way to free yourself from unnecessary headaches. It is very much a good idea to have a family lawyer even if you do not have problems as ofrepparttar 119171 moment. A trusted solicitor will be there to take care ofrepparttar 119172 things you may have overlooked and can refer you torepparttar 119173 right people should you need further assistance.

There are times however when you really will needrepparttar 119174 help of a lawyer other than preventing problems. Whenrepparttar 119175 problem has become a reality, you will need to count on your lawyer’s problem-solving skills.

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