Seven Ways to Generate Income From Your Website

Written by John Purdy

If you own your own website, there are a variety of things you can do to generate extra income for yourself. To enjoyrepparttar most success for your efforts, you must take into consideration your existing website content, as well as your particular target audience. You will also want to knowrepparttar 148498 approximate number of visitors you regularly receive to your website.

Once you have this information, you can decide which idea (or ideas) will apply best to you:

1. Include Google Adsense on your web pages. Google delivers text and image ads that are targeted to your site and its content. When people click on an ad, you will receive a portion ofrepparttar 148499 amount paid to Google byrepparttar 148500 advertiser. On average, you can expect to receive anywhere between 2 cents to a dollar per click, depending onrepparttar 148501 keyword.

2. Make money selling other people's products and services through affiliate programs. Each program you register for should provide you with an affiliate link to track your referrals. Depending onrepparttar 148502 program, you will normally be paid on a per sale basis or for each sign-up you generate.

3. Sell advertising space on your web site. You could sell banner and/or classified ads. If you want to make additional money, sell sponsor ads and place them is a special section or towardsrepparttar 148503 top of your website forrepparttar 148504 most exposure.

4. If you have enough web space available on your server, you could rent web pages to other people. You could also giverepparttar 148505 web pages away for free, but include your banner or advertisement on them to generate income for yourself.

The Healthy Gambler

Written by Joe Bourdages

The Healthy Gambler

In our day and age gambling is very popular. The problem is that many still see it as being wrong. Letís face it,repparttar utmost human instinct is searching and wantingrepparttar 148447 easy potential gain. Rare are those who will refuserepparttar 148448 luck of winning extra cash. No effort, easy money!!!

So what exactly is wrong with gambling? Well,repparttar 148449 problem is that some people gamble irresponsibly. Meaning they wager money they just donít have. The potential gain takes control of their fragile intelligence. They lose control, and even sanity. This is unfortunate, because gambling is really fun and entertaining.

I personally like to gamble. If I have extra money, sometimes I go see a movie, a theatre show, play golf, go carting, go to theme parks, or anywhere else where I can have fun and decompress. The casino is no different than any other activity I just motioned. Why? Because in every case, I pay an entry fee and have fun. The healthy gambler should too be responsible enough to limit himself to a fixed entry fee depending on his or her financial status.

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