Seven Ways To Boxer-Proof Your House

Written by Jody Mitchell

You are ready to bring your Boxer home? First, you must prepare your house. Whether you are bringing home a puppy or adult Boxer, you may want to spend some time surveying your house from a Boxer eye view (about 2 feet offrepparttar ground). Wires, drapes and counters look pretty interesting from that height.

The Best Ways to Boxer-Proof Your House

Below is a list of how to Boxer-proof your home for adult or puppy: It is only a partial list, but a good start to your own research.

1. Be sure to keep anything valuable (or what you don’t want chewed) at least 3 feet offrepparttar 145897 floor. Boxers have an amazing ability to jump, even as puppies. This includes anything onrepparttar 145898 coffee table, kitchen counter, buffet, etc. Boxers are curious and love to explore.

2. It may be cute to see your puppy with a mouthful of toilet paper, but not when it becomesrepparttar 145899 habit of an adult. Keeprepparttar 145900 bathroom door closed and eliminate toilet drinking and rolls of paper strewn about. Boxers seem to have an affinity for used cotton-balls, too!

Up,Up and Away In My Real Estate Balloon

Written by Elaine VonCannon

It is June, 2005 andrepparttar media has initiated a doom and gloom campaign forrepparttar 145855 real estate market. Major national news sources are reporting thatrepparttar 145856 ‘housing bubble’ will inevitably burst. These sources also speculate that this bursting real estate bubble will cripplerepparttar 145857 real estate market and adversely affectrepparttar 145858 economy ofrepparttar 145859 entire United States. I am a REALTOR in Williamsburg, Virginia, a market with a high growth potential for real estate investments. There are similar markets to Williamsburg, such as Silicone Valley in California, Washington D.C. andrepparttar 145860 suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia, and I could add numerous others to this hot list. The closer a home is to metropolitan and populated areas and desirable places to live,repparttar 145861 higherrepparttar 145862 cost of real estate. The chances of turning a profit in a shorter amount of time on real estate investments increases in these types of areas. Real estate prices in one state or even areas withinrepparttar 145863 same state are not tied to each other. Butrepparttar 145864 U.S. media might like to make us think they are all related because extreme stories sell newspapers and add value to advertising time. Real estate is stillrepparttar 145865 most stable investment a person can make with their money, and it will be for decades to come. In my opinion,repparttar 145866 media is also tied torepparttar 145867 stock market, which loses investors when people chooserepparttar 145868 security, safety and high return of a real estate investment over an investment in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. The media helped stimulate a similar fall forrepparttar 145869 dot com companies inrepparttar 145870 early part of this millennium. The fact is, many dot com companies were houses built on sand, and these fell. The others remained, and are stronger than ever. E-commerce remains one ofrepparttar 145871 most efficient, and time saving ways to do business. In fact, I would not be a major player inrepparttar 145872 Williamsburg real estate market without my website. In a similar vein, I believe thatrepparttar 145873 media myth aboutrepparttar 145874 eventual collapse ofrepparttar 145875 national housing market is painted in too broad of strokes. I am in good company with my opinion. I would like real estate investors, home buyers, and home sellers to considerrepparttar 145876 opinion of two articulate and influential men, instead of relying uponrepparttar 145877 U.S. media’s disproportionate analysis ofrepparttar 145878 real estate market. U.S. Treasury Secretary, John Snow, stated in an interview on Bloomberg Radio on April 26, 2005, “I do not thinkrepparttar 145879 evidence suggests there is a national housing bubble at all. Housing prices are high in some markets, but those markets are supported by underlying supply and demand considerations. It’s really a misnomer, I think, to talk about bubbles inrepparttar 145880 sense that you get a stock market bubble or a bubble inrepparttar 145881 commodity markets.” And, David Lereach,repparttar 145882 National Association of Realtor’s chief economist, said in late April of 2005, “We still have more buyers than sellers. There is a strong demand for housing from a growing population.”

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