Seven Valentine’s Day Tips for Spouses in “Less-Than-Perfect” Marriages

Written by Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D.

Valentine’s Day can be a depressing day when you’re in an unhappy or shaky marriage. In every store or advertisement you see romantic cards, heart-shaped boxes of candy, or select jewelry forrepparttar special lover’s day.

Restaurants publish their special menus in advance and give food items names such as “lover’s delight chocolate dessert.” Radio stations sponsor contests focused aroundrepparttar 122039 theme of Valentine’s Day, and newspapers run pictures and stories about spouses with long marriages. Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with pictures and stories of happy lovers.

What can you do to survive Valentine’s Day when you are worried sick that your marriage is onrepparttar 122040 rocks? How do you deal with allrepparttar 122041 love hoopla when your spouse doesn’t know if he or she really loves you or wants to stay married?

The following seven tips will help you to keep your perspective and sanity:

1. Be your own valentine this year and celebraterepparttar 122042 wonderful person that you are. Make an appointment to have a massage or pedicure on Valentine’s Day as a present to yourself. Or make plans with a friend to dine at a gourmet restaurant either on Valentine’s Day orrepparttar 122043 day before. Buy yourself a new CD or book that you’ve been wanting. Leave work early, if possible, and do something fun such as going to a movie inrepparttar 122044 middle ofrepparttar 122045 work afternoon.

2. Make a commitment to love yourself and to treat yourself with care and respect. Resolve to take good care of yourself by exercising, eating right, taking time to relax and see friends, and getting enough rest. Throw any martyr tendencies outrepparttar 122046 window and make your health and wellbeing a top priority. This is not being selfish. If you don’t nurture yourself first, you won’t be in any shape to give quality energy and time to your marriage.

3. Commit to being okay no matter what happens in your marriage. It’s essential that you make yourself a promise that you’ll have a quality life with or without your spouse. By showing respect for yourself and belief in your ability to thrive whether married or not, you’ll be coming from a place of empowerment and strength. The attributes of personal strength and confidence attract others and engender respect, making you a more desirable partner.

4. Accept uncertainty and see it as an opportunity to flex your faith muscles, build resiliency, and developrepparttar 122047 discipline to live inrepparttar 122048 present moment as much as possible. With practice, you can learn to curb your tendency to worry aboutrepparttar 122049 future and can expand more of your energy into makingrepparttar 122050 most ofrepparttar 122051 time you have now. Everyone has periods of time when everything is up inrepparttar 122052 air and how things will turn out is unknown. And as poet Walt Whitman reminds us, “The future is no more uncertain thanrepparttar 122053 present.”

Sex toys for the playful beginner

Written by Miss Kensington

Withrepparttar introduction of online shopping, there is no need to be embarrased about walking into a shop and purchasing sex toys. With such a range of items to choose from where does a girl/guy start? Fear not miss kensington is here to help, providin great ideas to turn you and your partner on. Most people think about sex toys in terms of a vibrator, handcuffs and a blindfold or mask, so i will talk you through some ofrepparttar 122038 less known items you can have in your draw! My top 5 are:

Bondage tape: My favourite colours are black and pink, you can use it to create outfits, restraints and much much more! I recommend strapping around your tits and also just above your crutch and then wrap to one side of you thigh. Makes a great outfit to enterrepparttar 122039 bedroom. Safe and certainly not sticky!

Remote control toys for couples: One ofrepparttar 122040 best toys onrepparttar 122041 market is called a mikakodori. The unit is small and discreet where you will clip is on your belt of underwear. You have a small object which will vibrate and you place this close to a G-Spot. Them your partner has a remote and will setrepparttar 122042 speed to pleasure you while noone else notices!

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