Seven Top Ways to Promote your Ezine

Written by Judy Cullins

One. Network offline. Visit professional like-minded groups. These groups usually meet once a month, have speakers, and networking time for you to mix with other professionals. You will get valuable information at these meetings for low cost yearly memberships run around $25-$50 giving you free meeting attendance. Each meeting is around two hours including networking time and speaker. Usually at each meeting you are given a 30-second time to introduce yourself.

Two. Speak to groups about your expertise. You may be a guest speaker for a large association or group, or you may form your own seminars and workshops, where people come to hear your expertise. During each meeting, passrepparttar clipboard that asks your audience for their email addresses. In return, you will send them pertinent information. Be sure to put your Web URL in plain sight. You want these people to visit your Web site, first to see your expertise, then perhaps to buy products.

Three. Promote your eMag on your web site. Visit many sites and take from them what will make your pages zing.

I notice a pablum approach upon visiting many sites. One sign on repparttar 124299 "Home" page simply said, "Subscribe to my free ezine." Is that enough to make you buy?

Instead, userepparttar 124300 passion approach. For my new web site, I submitted this blurb to my Webmaster: Finish, publish, and sell your book fast! Receive free articles, tips and resources inrepparttar 124301 FREE monthly eMag "The Book Coach Says."

Nearby in a box, I sharedrepparttar 124302 benefits of subscribing whatrepparttar 124303 reader will get. I shared how my service/products are unique rememberrepparttar 124304 "Fast" tag in my services and books? Write your eBook or Other Book Fast! Follow your lines with "click here." Your visitors need explicit directions.

Another "passion" approach includes a testimonial about your ezine from a top person in your subject area. Mine, "totally worth your time," is from Dan Poynter of

Creating Your First HTML Ezine

Written by Maria Marsala

The Basics

There are two different forms of HTML ezines. HTML = HyperText Mark-up Language - basically it'srepparttar language ofrepparttar 124298 World Wide Web. It's there, even if you don't know it's there. The end result of this "code" is a web page you view through your email program.

There are three types of ezines (at this time). Text ezines, those of you who remember typewriters, look like they've been typed. A simple HTML ezine contains color, bold, italics, and bullets and is created right in your email program. More complex HTML ezines contain graphics and are created as web pages. When you receive an ezine that contains color or pictures, that's an "HTML" based ezine.

It's very easy to make an HTML ezine if you know how to code HTML or have a web design program, or have a web design program (or webmaster). If you're designing an HTML ezine for your business, then branding is important. So use your webpage as your template. This way your newsletter and your website look consistent.

If you use an email list hosting service for your ezine, make sure you pick one that "strips" HTML emails. Then individuals can choose to receive "text only" emails from you even though you've sent out an HTML version. The service actually "strips"repparttar 124299 HTML codes and graphic codes from your email. Many services offer this stripping feature. However, in order to use it, you have to go to their site and register your email address. Then as part ofrepparttar 124300 registration process, they ask you to choose between text only and HTML.

There are services that will read information from subscribers and automatically set them up for HTML or text only emails based on what ISP (Internet Service Provider) or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service they use. For a list of service suggestions (I haven't used allrepparttar 124301 programs mentioned) go to tap here

The secret about HTML ezines is that all graphics are linked from your website to your ezine and are not attached to your email. The problems with HTML ezines are...

~~ in order for your readers to seerepparttar 124302 pictures you've placed in your message, they must be onrepparttar 124303 Internet. ~~ they are not accessible and/or readable to some disabled individuals. ~~ people who have older email programs or computers can't read them. ~~ many libraries use computers that cannot handle graphics. ~~ they take up quite a bit of bandwidth (space) on someone's email server and they take longer to download than text messages. ~~ they take much longer to edit and publish. ~~ some people purposely set their email to not accept HTML mail. ~~ some people have their email set on text only - and don't know it! ~~ for AOL users, ifrepparttar 124304 size ofrepparttar 124305 file is more than 20K, it will be sent out as an attachment. ~~ many people won't open attachments

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