Seven Steps to Better Online Community

Written by Brian Moore

If you are in an online business with your own web site, it would help greatly to build an online community with your visitors. The pathway to a good online community is to build trust in your visitors, your future customers. Here's a simple formula to get you started.

Sweeprepparttar "front walk" each day as you begin work. On your site check for "broken links" (links that don't go where you intended for them to go) and fix them. Test your opening page's load time. Remove or reduce any images that seem to slow it down. (Reducing images is a matter of having a service analyze your site for images it can cut down in number of bites. A good source for this is Spinwave Image Crunchers,

Ensure your visitors' return. Spot-check your copy for errors that may have escaped you previously. Freshen your copy regularly and somewhere on your page promise weekly updates. Insert a "this site last updated [date]" statement and keep it current.

Provide interactivity to your visitors-ways for them to communicate with you. The two easiest methods are a simple "comments" email link and an online survey. There are several sites that write interactive forms for just a link back to their site. The one I use on my site is,

Can You Really Make an Honest Living on the Net?

Written by Pamela Geiss

I was thinking about businessrepparttar other night, which is not a surprise, since I think about business allrepparttar 117845 time! However, I was remembering my Dad telling me about starting his business. He decided to go intorepparttar 117846 automotive parts business right afterrepparttar 117847 war. He decided on this particular type of business because it was right afterrepparttar 117848 Depression. No one could afford to buy new cars then and they needed parts to fixrepparttar 117849 ones they had. Seeing a need andrepparttar 117850 fact that there was no parts store in his town, he thought this would berepparttar 117851 perfect time to try it.

He worked many, many hours every day. It was hard to getrepparttar 117852 parts, too, so he had to make friends withrepparttar 117853 companies' parts salesmen and work his way on their supply lists.

He also had to go to mechanics and let them know he was inrepparttar 117854 automotive parts business and tell them he would give them good service and good deals if they would buy parts from him. They would call him at 4 inrepparttar 117855 morning to get 2 spark plugs and he would get up and go down torepparttar 117856 store just to sell themrepparttar 117857 spark plugs, hoping they would appreciaterepparttar 117858 extra service and come backrepparttar 117859 next time they wanted something. He did this for years. I remember many nights whenrepparttar 117860 phone would ring and I would hear my Dad leaving to go torepparttar 117861 store.

Did he make it into a successful business? You bet he did! His business grew so much that he outgrewrepparttar 117862 building he was renting and bought property and built his own store. He also added a service shop and hired 4 excellent mechanics to service cars and trucks. And he added an automotive paint center where he mixed and sold paint for cars and trucks.

And through it all, he kept his integrity and honesty. He one time drove 50 miles to give a man $10, because he overpaid for a part. People knew to go to him if they wanted a fair deal. They also knew that if they bought a part from him and it didn't perform like it was supposed to, he'd take it back and refund their money even ifrepparttar 117863 factory wouldn't let him send it back. The customer was number ONE.

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