Seven Steps To Total Concentration

Written by B. K. Narayan,

You need some abilities to achieve some thing BIG in life. The most important among these isrepparttar ability to concentrate your entire thought onrepparttar 140156 task you are working on. Total concentration isrepparttar 140157 ability to utilize all constructive thoughts and screen out all destructive or negative thoughts. If an ordinary person wants to become a great successrepparttar 140158 first thing he needs isrepparttar 140159 power to concentrate.

Observe a child playing. You'll see a model of 100 percent concentration. Observe lovers talking to each other you'll see 100 percent concentration! Observe a person reading an interesting story book again you'll see 100 percent concentration!

What is common among these three cases? Love! They are in love withrepparttar 140160 task at hand! Sorepparttar 140161 EASIEST way to achieve total concentration is to love what you do. But how to love everything we do? As all tasks are not as loveable as a play, lover or a story.

Don't worry. Applyrepparttar 140162 following steps. You can control your wandering mind and can focus it on whatever task you need to complete.

STEP #1: Prepare yourself to concentrate 100 percent. Following tips help...

• Keep your body in a comfortable position to allow proper blood circulation and breathing.

• Drink water, see that you're not hungry, and take few deep breaths.

• See that others are not allowed to disturb you till finishrepparttar 140163 work.

• Declare to yourself that you are going to pay full attention to repparttar 140164 work at hand.

STEP #2: Develop deep interest towardsrepparttar 140165 task on your hand. How? Follow these tips:

1. List or know allrepparttar 140166 little and big advantages or benefits you get when you successfully completerepparttar 140167 task—learning a lesson, or completing home work.

2. Knowrepparttar 140168 consequences of not completingrepparttar 140169 task at hand. That is,repparttar 140170 pain or loss you're going to suffer. For example, not achieving your career dream.

3. Use affirmation with feeling, "I love to read/learn/listen to......(name ofrepparttar 140171 task) with full concentration. This information/task is so useful for me."

STEP #3: Engage other relatives of concentration, as it can't work for you alone!

Here are some important relatives of concentration;

1. Clear purpose—know exactly why do you wantrepparttar 140172 task done.

2. Strong Desire—to Fulfillrepparttar 140173 purpose

3. Commitment—to completerepparttar 140174 tasks related to achieving repparttar 140175 purpose.

4. Belief—that you can do whatever you've to do and reach your goal.

5. Expectation—Expect that you can concentrate 100 percent and masterrepparttar 140176 topic/work.

STEP #4: Stop negative programming and do positive programming.

Don't ever think, say or imagine that you can't concentrate 100 percent. Instead, before startingrepparttar 140177 task imagine you're doing it with full concentration. This takes only few seconds.

STEP #5: Use this strange property of your brain to concentrate 100 percent!

Salespersons, advertisers, good teachers use this property to attract and hold your attention. So what is this strange property? They ask series of probing questions.

Your #1 Path to Hidden Power

Written by Coco Fossland

Copyright 2005 Coco Fossland

Imagine that you could boost your confidence, courage, and compassion by 100% inrepparttar next three months. Imagine that you could learn five new skills you've been dying to learn all your life. Imagine that you could finally experiencerepparttar 140019 kind of intimacy, connection, and love you've been longing for.

Sounds great, doesn't it? And it's possible -- more than possible. But you might be surprised to learn thatrepparttar 140020 #1 place to discover this things doesn't come from learning to be better, nicer, happier, stronger. Actually,repparttar 140021 place seems somewhat ironic and backwards.

The #1 place to find hidden power is in your powerlessness. That's right,repparttar 140022 very opposite place you might think to look for it. Inside your powerlessness, pain, insecurity, victim hood and despair arerepparttar 140023 hidden goldmines of your deepest power.

Mostrepparttar 140024 time people resist and avoid their powerless side because it's uncomfortable, unpleasant, and down-right yucky. But it happens uponrepparttar 140025 best of us at least sometimes, and when it does, wouldn't it be nice to make these visits not just bearable, but also transformational?

Here's how:

1. Noticerepparttar 140026 feeling of powerlessness. Close your eyes and give yourself permission to feel that feeling. Namerepparttar 140027 feeling. Is it anger, numbness, helplessness, pathetic, sadness, despair?

2. Becomerepparttar 140028 “witness” and acknowledgerepparttar 140029 feeling. Witness and watchrepparttar 140030 feeling. Separate fromrepparttar 140031 feeling just enough to see that it is not all that you are. Let yourself see that it is justrepparttar 140032 feeling that is present inrepparttar 140033 moment. Acknowledge that you are more than this feeling.

3. Setrepparttar 140034 intention to surroundrepparttar 140035 resistance with love, curiosity and understanding. Rather than telling yourself you don't want to feel that feeling -- of anger, sadness, hopelessness, or despair -- just tell yourself that you're going to send love torepparttar 140036 feeling instead. Recognize that this feeling is here to give you access to your hidden power, but it can only to so if you are willing to understand it, love it, and be curious about it. Breathe deeply in your heart, and even if you are feeling some resistance, just setrepparttar 140037 internal intention of love.

4. Uncoverrepparttar 140038 fear, andrepparttar 140039 fear beneath that, andrepparttar 140040 fear beneath that.

Just ask yourself, "What am I afraid of in this situation/moment?" Are you afraid that someone is going to hurt you? Are you afraid of being taken advantage of? Are you afraid of not getting your way? Are you afraid of looking like a fool? Let yourself identifyrepparttar 140041 fear just beneathrepparttar 140042 surface ofrepparttar 140043 feeling.

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