Seven Deadly Enemies That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

Written by Yuliya Muravey

Everybody on this planet has enemies, rivals and foes. Call them any way you like, but nevertheless they exist, chasing you at every step you make. Nobody knows where they come from, butrepparttar fact of their existence was detected onrepparttar 148097 planet and still nobody knows completelyrepparttar 148098 effective remedy from them. They spoil our lives; putrepparttar 148099 spokes in our wheel, making tricky endeavors to distract us. The biggest nuisance they cause is that they prevent us from reaching success in life. The only way out of this situation is to disclose them and to wipe them out once and for all.

You’ll be surprised to know that those enemies live within you.

Our greatest enemies, whom we must chiefly combat live inside of us. So, what are those crafty enemies that hold us back from reaching our goals?

7 Deadly Enemies of Your Goals

Enemy #1 For 33 percents of people it is shortage of time. They claim that 24 hours are always not enough for everything they have planned. Time is ofrepparttar 148100 essence, they say. And they try their best with 24 hours and manage their time vary carefully, but in any case they constantly feelrepparttar 148101 lack of time. Time is an illness causing fatigue.

Enemy #2 For 11 percents it is lack of motivation. These people feel that they don’t achieve their goal, because they don’t know exactly why they are aiming at it. As a result, they don’t know how to persuade their mind to achieve that goal. More often these people are satisfied with small achievements.

One Single Secret to Goal Setting Success

Written by Yuliya Muravey

Perhaps you have never taken a stock ofrepparttar most valuable and precious wealth of yours. Every person possesses it sincerepparttar 148096 day of birth. This wealth is our life, its minutes, hours, days and years. Proper planning starts when we begin to take stock of this wealth. So, we should makerepparttar 148097 most efficient use of every minute to preserve and multiply this wealth. The initial stage of planning is identifying and setting your major life goals.

One way or another, deliberately or not, but we speculate on our life goals. More often we don’t even call them goals, they are just obscure and unshaped dreams, which exist only in our imagination. But to speculate on them and to write them down onrepparttar 148098 paper are different things. Goals which weren’t written down remain only Utopian and vague dreams, which aren’t likely to be accomplished.

How to make your dreams come true? To begin with, transform your dreams inrepparttar 148099 shape ofrepparttar 148100 written goals and quit formulating your goals usingrepparttar 148101 subjunctive mood. Never write: “It would be great to travel to Italy” or “It would be nice to buy a car”. Erase these statements from your memory and start writing your goals in such a way: “I’ll buy Jeep Cherokee in two years time”.

“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.”

Actually, goals arerepparttar 148102 tools on your road to success. You should knowrepparttar 148103 secret of their correct utilization. This secret isrepparttar 148104 materialization of your goals onrepparttar 148105 paper. When you see your goals in a written form you make a new glance on what you really want. Writing your goals will help you make a sense of what you want to achieve, analyze your goals, elaborate on their perfection, maybe even to revamp them somehow and single out specific standards and means for their achievement.

Committing your goals to a paper is a great success strategy, which delivers big results. All successful people use this strategy for achieving their life goals. They take advantage of this strategy and keep writing their goals repeatedly and persistently. Writing down and examining your goals means creating a set of concrete and determined instructions for your subconscious mind. In such a way you give your subconscious mind a set of instructions to work on. These instructions must be filled with positive and well - disposed emotions. The more positive instructions you give to it,repparttar 148106 better results you get. So, write your goals only in a positive way.

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