Setting up a Network -- Wired or Wireless?

Written by Deryck Richards

To Wire or Not to Wire

Wireless networks are en vogue, but your installation wonít be successful unless you choserepparttar right type of network and set it up properly. Wired networks require that each computer be connected via a wire to a central location, called a switch or hub. This often involves installing cables through walls and ceilings and can present a challenge for anyone.

Ifrepparttar 133470 computers in your home or office are all within 500 feet of each other, a wireless network might be for you. A wireless network has no cables. It can connect computers on different floors of a building or even acrossrepparttar 133471 street. Aside fromrepparttar 133472 obvious benefit of not having wires, wireless networks are more convenient sincerepparttar 133473 setup, configuration, and reconfiguration can often be done within minutes, without extensive planning.

Wireless networks, however, are not as fast as wired networks. If you play computer games or want to view streaming video or other high-speed multimedia, a wireless network might not have enough capacity. But, if you just want to check e-mail and view web pages, a wireless network is a good choice. To install a wireless network, you need a Wireless Access Point and a wireless network card for each computer. You will need to buy a wireless network card for each desktop computer, although most newer laptops come equipped with one.

Security is not a large concern in a wired network, since someone would have to physically connect to a wired network to break in. In wireless networks, a car parked outside with a laptop could easily connect to your network if you donít have proper security in place. To prevent this from happening, encrypt your wireless network connections, or set a password to accessrepparttar 133474 network, or do both.

IBS implements new generation cargo terminal operations system for Emirates

Written by Pradeep P. Suthan

IBS implements new generation cargo terminal operations system for Emirates Largest IT system implementation

Trivandrum - September 13, 2004 - IBS Software Services (IBS) has developed and successfully implemented Chameleon, a sophisticated new-generation, cargo terminal operations system forrepparttar Emirates Group.

IBS has designed Chameleon to handle end-to-end management and monitoring of cargo consignments, fromrepparttar 133469 time a consignment is delivered torepparttar 133470 airline till its delivery atrepparttar 133471 destination airport. IBS has delivered arguably one ofrepparttar 133472 largest and most complex systems using new generation technologies forrepparttar 133473 airline cargo industry.

Chameleon enables a ground handler to manage all cargo terminal operations from reserving an air waybill to manifestingrepparttar 133474 shipment on a flight onrepparttar 133475 export/air side and to receiverepparttar 133476 cargo fromrepparttar 133477 airline and deliverrepparttar 133478 shipment torepparttar 133479 consignee onrepparttar 133480 import/land side. Chameleon also supports radio communications through hand held terminals and improves productivity and service levels by defining flexible workflows and monitoringrepparttar 133481 performance ofrepparttar 133482 different business processes. Thus, Emirates SkyCargo and Dnata Cargo are currently operating withrepparttar 133483 most advanced Cargo Ground Handling and Warehouse Management IT system inrepparttar 133484 aviation industry today, providing Emirates withrepparttar 133485 tools that are needed to achieve its goals of efficiency, profitability and service quality.

Mr. V K Mathews, IBS Chairman and Managing Director said, "Emirates had a very aggressive time schedule for completion, and we are quite delighted that we were able to cut over two large terminal operators from existing systems torepparttar 133486 new system with minimal interruptions to their operations. The success of both system development and implementation is a demonstration of our commitment, competence and determination to succeed even underrepparttar 133487 most challenging circumstances".

"Chameleon is one ofrepparttar 133488 largest IT system implementations whichrepparttar 133489 Emirates Group has undertaken in recent times, andrepparttar 133490 project is strategically important forrepparttar 133491 Group. Understandably, Chameleon was a big challenge, and I truly appreciate and thank IBS for their professionalism, competence and commitment in making Chameleon a great success", added Mr. Joshua Koshy, Senior VP-IT, Emirates Group.

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