Setting Up as a Electronic Repair Authorized Service Center

Written by Jestine Yong

If you plan to upgrade your workshop into an Authorized Service Center, this should guarantee plenty of work and a secure future. Setting up from scratch as an Authorized Service Center is not an easy job. Your workshop need to meetrepparttar manufacturers’ requirement first before they can appoint your company as an Authorized Service Center.

• Good track record – Manufacturer expect a company to have a good track record inrepparttar 138980 trade and have been around for a long time. • Accessibility – Easy for a manufacturer to deliver products to you for repair besides it save time. • Space – A company must have enough space to store their product. A light industrial unit will be fine for them. • Security – An alarm system is essential, door and windows must be protected so they are difficult to force. Any break in will cause you to lose business.

What is ESR METER ?

Written by Jestine Yong

All capacitors have a certain amount of resistance torepparttar passage of AC current. ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) isrepparttar 138979 sum of all internal resistances of a capacitor measured in Ohms. An ideal capacitor has ZERO ohms ESR. Fromrepparttar 138980 diagram below you can see a resistor in series with a “PERFECT CAPACITOR”. The value ofrepparttar 138981 resistor is called ESR. Electrolytic Capacitors have a tendency to increase its ESR overtime due to drying or corrosion. High ESR is a frequent problem in today’s electronic circuit. Even a 1 or 2 ohms rise in ESR can cause complicated problems. Under normal conditionsrepparttar 138982 ESR has a very low value, which stays that way for many years unlessrepparttar 138983 rubber seal is defective, in which caserepparttar 138984 electrolyte’s water component gradually dries out andrepparttar 138985 ESR creeps up with time. The increase in ESR increases both voltage drops withinrepparttar 138986 capacitor andrepparttar 138987 heat, produced inrepparttar 138988 capacitors due to resistive heating. If you don’t check for ESR, you may be in for a “TOUGH DOG” repair. High ESR isrepparttar 138989 first sign of a capacitor failure. High ESR will cause complete circuit failure, over heating of capacitor, loading ofrepparttar 138990 circuit, overstressing of other circuit components and other undesirable effects. Why should I use an ESR?

Because measuring an electrolytic capacitor with an analog or digital capacitance meter can MISLEAD a technician into believing that a defective capacitor is good. This can waste your precious time and you are unable to repairrepparttar 138991 equipment. Which means you can’t charge your customer! If you don’t test for ESR onrepparttar 138992 capacitor, you will always missrepparttar 138993 bad capacitor. Normally, these bad capacitors have high ESR reading which your normal multimeter or digital capacitance meter can’t measure. Only by usingrepparttar 138994 ESR meter, you will be able to measurerepparttar 138995 ESR onrepparttar 138996 capacitor and you will not be fooled by capacitors with bad ESR. ESR meter can even work IN-CIRCUIT, which means you don’t have to solder outrepparttar 138997 capacitor in order to measure it using normal capacitor tester, which would not be accurate anyway. Do you know that ESR meters can perform other wonders besides checkingrepparttar 138998 ESR of a capacitor? Some digital ESR meter haverepparttar 138999 features of checking:

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