Setting Up Your Display Case

Written by Antigone Arthur

Setting Up Your Display Case

One ofrepparttar best ways to display photographs, memorabilia and other prized possessions is by using a display case. When properly done, a display case can showcase your collectables for all to see in an elegant manner. Man has used display cases sincerepparttar 147649 dawn of time to show off private possessions. Fortunately today there are hundreds of different styles to choose from.

Your first step toward creating a display masterpiece? Decidingrepparttar 147650 right display case. To do this you simply need to sit down and think about not only your collectibles, but alsorepparttar 147651 space you have to display them in. Below you'll find some extra tips for selecting and setting up your ideal display case.

Display Case Tidbits

Whether you plan to display one treasured item or multiple items, it is important you set up your display case correctly. Doing so will ensure that visitors see your collectibles inrepparttar 147652 best light possible. You will also look on your display fondly for years to come when you takerepparttar 147653 time to set it up correctly. Here are some tips for setting up your display case correctly:

  • Selectrepparttar 147654 best style display case for your items. Remember there are many different kinds of display cases. Some examples include flag display cases, football jersey display cases, sword display cases, die cast car display cases and more.
  • Select fromrepparttar 147655 many different cases available including wooden display cases and metal ones.
  • Select what items you want to display. If you have many different items, you may consider more than one display case.
  • Group similar collectibles together. Plan to display like items with like.
  • Make note ofrepparttar 147656 size and width of all items you plant to display. Plan to place smaller objects in front of larger ones.
  • Place all collectables ofrepparttar 147657 same theme together in your display case.
  • Avoid placing too many items together as this will make your display seem overcrowded.
  • Use a mirror to reflect images in your display.
  • Clean items and display regularly to prevent dust build up.

Antiques From Europe...Is It Really The "Goose That Layed the Golden Egg?"

Written by Michael Temple

Many dealers and auctioneers have been bringing container loads of antiques from Europe for years now. The lure of getting "fresh torepparttar market" antique furniture and "smalls" is something that can bring renewed excitement back into your antique business.

Buying antiques byrepparttar 147560 container load can be a mental "rush", but is itrepparttar 147561 business builder some have made it out to be?

Back in 1998, while I was still inrepparttar 147562 antique and estate auction and liquidation business, I decided to purchase a load of antique furniture and smalls and haverepparttar 147563 container shipped to my facility in New York State.

Iíll spare yourepparttar 147564 details of how exactly this is done during this article.

I receivedrepparttar 147565 load buy tractor trailer, and had friends help me unloadrepparttar 147566 container. It was packed full and tight, andrepparttar 147567 furniture was quite impressive to sayrepparttar 147568 least!

I was impressed byrepparttar 147569 high quality and good prices, and byrepparttar 147570 fact that I could haverepparttar 147571 load delivered right to my place of business.

There were twist leg oak hall trees, high relief wardrobes, dining room suits, chairs, bureaus, desks, marble top stands, dressers and much, much more. And that was justrepparttar 147572 furniture!

Insiderepparttar 147573 dressers and desks, there were smalls galore. Tucked inside one ofrepparttar 147574 dressers was a hand-stitched sampler from 1861. The sampler was done by a mother who had lost a child at birth, and it achieved a high price at auction. I was most impressed withrepparttar 147575 condition and quantity ofrepparttar 147576 smalls.

I have been in touch with auctioneers and dealers who have had both good and bad experiences with buying antiques in Europe. I have noticed that without exception,repparttar 147577 difference between a good experience and a bad one rested solely on who they actually did business with.

Those that did business withrepparttar 147578 same company that I did business had a great experience. Those that didnít had a difficult experience.

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