Setting Up Your AntiVirus Software

Written by Richard Lowe

There is far more to antivirus software than just openingrepparttar box, insertingrepparttar 132041 CD and installing software. To be properly protected you may actually want to do a little more than that.

You see, a good antivirus program does a lot more than you might think. In this article we will be discussing features of Norton Antivirus 2002, one ofrepparttar 132042 best and most full featured programs available. Similar functions exist inrepparttar 132043 other major scanners.

The first thing you must do in this day and age is purchase and install antivirus software. If you don't have this installed you are literally living on borrowed time.

Some ofrepparttar 132044 common features are described below.

Auto Protect

Perhapsrepparttar 132045 most important feature of all is auto protect. This feature allowsrepparttar 132046 antivirus system to perform it's tasks without manual intervention. This is critical as then you can relax and do what you need to do, without constantly worrying about checking for viruses. Keep this turned on without fail.

Checking for email viruses

This is one ofrepparttar 132047 most critical features of a modern antivirus program isrepparttar 132048 ability to scan email messages as they arrive or are sent. Scanning of this nature is relatively new and long overdue.


It's very important to remember thatrepparttar 132049 most destructive viruses arriveas attachments in email messages. I know, I know, you would never, ever open anything that even remotely looked like a virus, would you? But how would you know? Do you want to takerepparttar 132050 chance on destroying your system?

Scanning disks for viruses

Most virus scanners will occasionally scan your disks for anything that looks like a virus. In Norton Antivirus, you can schedule this scan for as often as you like - in fact, many people turn it off entirely. After all, whilerepparttar 132051 scan is running your system will be slower than normal. It can be quite annoying.

Turning offrepparttar 132052 automatic disks scans is, however, a big mistake. These check your disks for any viruses which may have gotten throughrepparttar 132053 front line defenses. How does this happen? You could copy a virus to your hard drive from a CD ROM, a floppy or perhaps acrossrepparttar 132054 network. It will be just sitting there, waiting to explode in your face. Scanningrepparttar 132055 disks finds these little time bombs and eliminates them.

How to Frustrate Password Crackers: 8 Tips

Written by Mike Delaney

Some time ago, I was one ofrepparttar most prolific contributors to one ofrepparttar 132039 most popular newsgroups on Usenet. The newsgroup's purpose was to provide fraudulently-obtained, but valid, passwords for websites.

The process there is fairly straightforward: someone postsrepparttar 132040 web site address of a site that they want (free and illegal) access to. Several group members with colorful nicknames then "run"repparttar 132041 site. If a valid username/password is found, it is emailed torepparttar 132042 requestor, who in turn publicly heaps praise onrepparttar 132043 grantor, thus inflating his or her ego. My colorful nickname was "PassBandit".

Here are some tips to ensure that your account is notrepparttar 132044 weak account thatrepparttar 132045 other "PassBandit"s ofrepparttar 132046 world compromise:

1. The password is more important thanrepparttar 132047 username. Do not assume that because you have an unusual username (including e-mail addresses), you can choose a simple password.

2. Make your reminder question tough and unique -- something such as "What was my first pet's name?".

3. Do not use your username asrepparttar 132048 password. Similarly, do not use a password that "fits" withrepparttar 132049 username. The may be cute, clever, and easy to remember, but username:password combinations such as intel:inside, moody:blues, hewlett:packard, or foghorn:leghorn will be compromised very quickly.

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