Set Up Your Own Blog Free

Written by Jim Edwards

I've received a lot of email lately from people asking how they can set up their own blogs for family, friends, or business purposes without spending much money or hiring an expensive programmer or web developer.

Well, ask no more because I will now show you exactly how to get your own blog without dipping too far into your own pocket (if at all) and get up and running, even if you don't have your own website, hosting account, or domain name.

You basically get two choices when it comes to setting up a blog: host it yourself, or use a service that hostsrepparttar blog for you.

Each one carries advantages based on your level of skill, experience and how many options you want to add to your blog.

If you choose to host your blog on your own website, then you can pick from a number of different options, including and

However, if you don't want to host it yourself, you can also go to, put inrepparttar 141785 term "free blog" and obtain a long list of services that will host a blog for you, either free of charge or for a fee.

Probablyrepparttar 141786 best-known free blog service resides at

Recently purchased by Google, Blogger boasts thousands of blogs on topics ranging from ecommerce to pet manners.

Blogger enables you to set up a functional blog in about 5 minutes and start posting your thoughts, rants, or family facts withrepparttar 141787 world.

Log on to and find another free option offered by Microsoft's online service, MSN.

This service makes it a bit easier to share photos than Blogger, which requires a separate software tool called Picasa (also available from Google for free).

MSN's blogger service also seems to appeal more to individuals sharing their thoughts than to businesses trying to scare up new customers or get their links crawled by search engine spiders (another advantage of publishing a blog).

New SearchInform release. Version 1.0.20

Written by Max Maglias

On May 24repparttar SoftInform company announcedrepparttar 141784 release ofrepparttar 141785 new version of its information search system SearchInform 1.0.20. SearchInform is a modern and unique instrument of searching and processing information contained in text files of any formats, databases and information systems. Search solution by SoftInform is developed onrepparttar 141786 basis of a patented technology of search for documents of similar content SoftInform Search Technology enables bothrepparttar 141787 end-users and big companies an effective solution of any search-related problems. The updates ofrepparttar 141788 new version ofrepparttar 141789 onrushing technology concernrepparttar 141790 widening ofrepparttar 141791 alternatives of mounting data sources. SearchInform 1.0.20 also supports indexing and further searching of email messages. Moreover,repparttar 141792 program can now process electronic mail in MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express formats. Besides,repparttar 141793 application indexes not onlyrepparttar 141794 message body, but alsorepparttar 141795 attached files. According to SoftInform marketing director Alex Akimov,repparttar 141796 next step in SearchInform evolution is going to be supporting several mail clients such as The Bat! and Eudora. But this will happen no sooner than midsummer. Thatís why forrepparttar 141797 time-being onlyrepparttar 141798 users of MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express will have no problems with searchingrepparttar 141799 multi-thousand heap of corporate correspondence.

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