Service is the key no matter what is on the menu

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Sorepparttar mission for this trip in Charlotte NC was a great location for breafast. Too badrepparttar 149447 mission went nowhere on this day.

Bob Evans Farms Restaurant in Area 1 Charlotte on Statesville Rd

So I really tried to like this place. This Bob Evans is on WT Harris and is pretty new still. I have been long looking forrepparttar 149448 right place to have breakfast at off hours. I think that is a pursuit of many a person, ecspecially one that lives odd hours as we do. There is “nothing more satisfying than a waitress named Flo, good coffee, and over easy eggs” to quote my brother loosely.

I have been a fan of clean places like Perkins with great breakfast choices so going in I was hoping this Bob Evans near my home was it. The restaurant is very clean, amazingly well decorated and lit. The staff was very friendly on both visits, when they were not droppingrepparttar 149449 ball, andrepparttar 149450 prices were fair.

Now forrepparttar 149451 other shoe dropping.

They appear to have some staffing issues happening, and my two visits have been a month apart.repparttar 149452 first visit hadrepparttar 149453 following chain of amazing events take place.

Hybrid Mexican food is hot on the menu in Charlotte NC

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Looking for a great place in Charlotte to stop when you head out? This can be a mixed bag. mexican food is a hot ticket in this growing latino community.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Harris Blvd University Area is a good choice for hybrid mexican cuisine.

Well first off I am against this sort of trendy hybrid food in all its forms. I walked in skeptical and only did try this location bacause a UNCC student was onrepparttar patio eating an giant buritto that looked worthrepparttar 149446 tasting.

This location is an open air setting onrepparttar 149447 corner in this upscale and clean plaza designed with a Miami feel in mind. If you are looking for something to do with a lady this is one step above fast food but shorts still seem right. Overall a nice clean and not much more to say atmosphere in a great plaza location.

The menu seemed limited with only a handful of choices, though they do each have quite a few combinations of salsa and fillings (cheese rice black beans etc).

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