Sensational new evidence proving origins of Teddy Boys

Written by malcolm james pugh

Sensational cover up exposed, original Teddy Boys were really bears allrepparttar time.

Thanks to this exclusive Stiffsteiffs exposť, Teddy Boys make their comeback.

Everyone thinks rock and roll kicked off Teddy Boys, butrepparttar 118072 very name should give you a clue.

This pair, Phil and Don, are tough Teddy Boys. They have teddy tattoos, and they arerepparttar 118073 ORIGINAL Teddy Boys, notrepparttar 118074 later imitations.

Johnny Cash,repparttar 118075 original bear, never goes anywhere without his trusty guitar. He stands no messing about.

The one and only original Jerry Lee, of course a Teddy Bear Teddy Boy, this original picture proves it beyond any doubt.

The original Elvis. Elvis Bear. These suppressed pictures finally expose one ofrepparttar 118076 greatest cover ups in history.

The original Dolly. Nothing likerepparttar 118077 hillbilly later imitation thrust at an unsuspecting public.

The real Adam Faith above, although discovered near bow bells, hes nothing like what they would have had you believe.

The real Little Richard, a quiet shy bear often sitting alone when not freaking out on stage, yet they would have you believe he was not really a bear at all. These arerepparttar 118078 true Teddy Boys,repparttar 118079 name isrepparttar 118080 real giveaway.

However Julian and Sandy were always kept a bit quiet, even beforerepparttar 118081 big con, they arent your usual Teddy Boys.

ĎAnd How Do We Feel This Morning?'

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

Without question, going torepparttar hospital is teamwork fromrepparttar 118071 time you arrive until you are wheeled outrepparttar 118072 front door. Everyone is working together forrepparttar 118073 common good ofrepparttar 118074 patient, or at least a crack at his bank account. That is as it should be in such mercenary endeavors.

Spending a few days inrepparttar 118075 hospital recently reinforced this in my own mind. Although my time inrepparttar 118076 hospital was brief, I was givenrepparttar 118077 full treatment.

The hospital staff left no bed unturned inrepparttar 118078 holy quest of my recuperation. No matter what time of night it was, each nurse cooperated in awakening me and asking, "And how do we feel tonight?"

Teamwork is good for a number of things in life. Peanut butter and jelly, ham and eggs, and bologna and cheese are a few things benefiting from cooperation. In each example, one element complimentsrepparttar 118079 other andrepparttar 118080 combination is greater than each individual part. This is coordination at it finest.

There is a limitation torepparttar 118081 so-called cooperation, especially inrepparttar 118082 environment ofrepparttar 118083 hospital. I don't want to complain, but now that I am out, I feel a little freer expressing my opinion, without fear of any needling fromrepparttar 118084 hospital staff.

I will grant you, nurses are some ofrepparttar 118085 most wonderful people inrepparttar 118086 world. The job they do is simply marvelous. It is absolutely true that patients could not get along without these nurses.

Onrepparttar 118087 other hand, what would these nurses do without patients?

I don't want to brag here, but if it were not for patients like me (if there are patients like me), nurses would not have a single thing to do inrepparttar 118088 hospital. Essentially, they owe their job to me. The level of their significance is in direct proportion torepparttar 118089 patients they serve.

Not one to belabor a point, (it's hard to do any labor in my condition right now) I think it's about time someone stood up for patient rights. Since I have nothing to do forrepparttar 118090 next week except recuperate here at home, I amrepparttar 118091 perfect person to say something about this crucial issue.

The major complaint I have is withrepparttar 118092 "we-disease" rampant in hospitals acrossrepparttar 118093 nation. This "we-disease" syndrome has gotten out of hand and despite allrepparttar 118094 research, no cure seems looming inrepparttar 118095 hospital corridors.

Every morning, around 5 o'clock, my nurse came bouncing into my room withrepparttar 118096 cheeriest of dispositions, completely disregarding my condition at hand and boldly asked, "And how do we feel this morning?"

Even on my best day, 5 o'clock inrepparttar 118097 morning is not a good time to ask me any question, especially how I'm feeling. If there were any chance that I was feeling good, I certainly would not be inrepparttar 118098 hospital.

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