Senior Authors Give Back

Written by Francine Silverman

As editor/publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter, I am fortunate in having an eclectic group of subscribers who number inrepparttar thousands. The ezine is interactive and subscribers are encouraged to share their innovative marketing techniques. What has impressed me most, however, isrepparttar 132132 tenacity and good heartedness ofrepparttar 132133 over-50 members of my list. Dr. Ted “Gorgeous” Borgeas is a retired, sports-oriented podiatrist and author of nine books. When he was appointed as a volunteer torepparttar 132134 Medical Services Division ofrepparttar 132135 Athens Olympics 2004, Ted thought it would be very informative and appreciated to initiate a volunteer translation project of his book, When My Feet Hurt, I Hurt All Over (Cameltrotters Publishing 1976; last revision 2004). His idea was to distributerepparttar 132136 book free torepparttar 132137 athletes in their native languages. To accomplish this, he recruited volunteers to translaterepparttar 132138 book into half a dozen tongues. Ted didn’t receive a penny on this project but his satisfaction is priceless. “The response was fantastic, encouraging and exciting…it was such a joy to be able to show some ofrepparttar 132139 athletes pictures and a translation of their problems.” Miller Caldwell lives in Scotland. Even thoughrepparttar 132140 profits on his book, Operation Oboe (Authors Online 2003), are greatly reduced when he donates two pounds (approx. $1.5) fromrepparttar 132141 sale at every book signing,repparttar 132142 Scottish Police Benefit/Welfare Association and Alzheimers and Dementia groups benefit from Miller’s largesse.

Single guys (married and engaged not excluded), who's that lady?

Written by Steve Dimeck

Who's that woman that you're looking for? What is she like? How does she look? Does she know that you're looking for her? Have you told her yet?

Have you experienced or maybe heard about a relationship or even a marriage that ended up nowhere? The woman simply said: "That's it! We're over! I'm leaving you!"

Girls don't know whatrepparttar guys want. Do they?

Yeah, sex is one ofrepparttar 105885 things that guys want. I admit it! I'm a guy. Come on! Be honest! Don't you? But, is that it? Is thatrepparttar 105886 only reason why you want to be with a woman? Isn't there more?

From all ofrepparttar 105887 women that I have gone on a date with, I've realized that women are clueless when it comes to men's needs. And you know what? I don't blame them!

We,repparttar 105888 guys, have never told them aboutrepparttar 105889 type of a woman that we are looking for. They don't know that. Mayberepparttar 105890 sex part gotrepparttar 105891 best of us that we forgot aboutrepparttar 105892 rest.

The first time I gotrepparttar 105893 nerve to tell my date aboutrepparttar 105894 type of a woman that I wanted to be with, she got up, left me, and never called me again. I guess she wasn'trepparttar 105895 type that I was looking for. Butrepparttar 105896 second time I did it, she married me and 7 years later we still have a delightful marriage.

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